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Reading this should take no longet than looking at
15 Second Film Festival Blockbusters in the Viral Grand Prix

Tempus Fugit

There are only 8 days left to get your benefactor's package.

You could be rubbing shoulders with the stars at our Opening Night Gala, see your name in our Festival catalogue, and have a chance to meet some of the special guests in attendance this year, including one of Britain's biggest bands, an Oscar-winning American actress, and one of Britain's most respected directors.

Some of you may have noticed that buying the cheapest package now will cost the same price as the normal Festival Pass that goes on sale on Sept 1.

Why would you buy just a pass when you could be a benefactor for the same price? Go Go Go.

Offer expires Friday the 22nd August.

Details here...
Indie Tip

Checking Facebook yet again, having your second lunch of the day, walking aimlessly around your study? Sounds like you've got a case of writer's block!

If you're stuck for some ideas help is on hand with some places to get looking if your script has hit a stumbling block.

Read more here
One Night Stand

At long last Raindance has a Documentary course.

Taught by Col Spector, who started his career producing and directing docs for the BBC, The Art of Documentary Filmmaking explores what makes a great documentary and gives new producers and directors the tools required to craft their original idea into a distinctive film.

Split over two days (27/28 Sept) this course equips all who attend with the knowledge required to get out there and start making documentaries.

Reservoir Dogs A Good Read

A good script sizzles. It evokes powerful, surprising images. Only the sense of smell eludes the filmmaker.

In a great script, each image catapults us towards the next with a rhythm we cannot control, but are content to be swept along by.

So how do you earn that rarest of compliments: that your script is a 'good read'?

Read more of this article by Josh Golding

Check out Raindance's new Maverick Screenwriting course
15th Shorts DVD Film Club

Yes, yes. The date we gave last week was wrong. Film Club is on AUGUST 20. Here are the full details again:

August's edition of the Raindance Film Club will be holding the World Premiere of the Best of 15th Raindance Film Festival Shorts DVD.

The sixth in the Raindance DVD series, the Best of the 15th Raindance Film Festival Shorts is a unique collection of innovative short films from the 2007 festival.

This eclectic mix includes festival award winners, award nominees, the 2007 festival trailer and the Making of the 15th Raindance Film Festival directed by Jonathan Caouette [Tarnation].

For a full list of the films and synopses click here

Come along to check out the very best shorts from around the world and for your chance to win a free DVD.

When? Wednesday 20th August - 7pm
Where? The Horse Hospital (map)

Entry is FREE. For more information visit our website

Get It Here

Want to get your hands on the DVD before the Premiere public screening?

It turned up to the office today and is a beautiful thing, oh yes.

Click here to get your hands on Oscar's cock.
60-Second Rant

Is 52 too late to launch a career in movies?

Listen to CONTROL director Anton Corbijn's rant at the BIFAs:

Cannes Short Circuit Film Award

Win a trip to the Cannes Film Festival and have your film screened at Raindance 2008

Are you a future Oscar winner? Dream of clutching a brace of BAFTAs? Well your first steps down the red carpet to Hollywood stardom could begin right here, with the inaugural Short Circuit Award.

Dailymotion and Raindance have joined forces to recognise independent shortform filmmakers around the world and bring you this fantastic prize.

Get the scoop here...

Good God Free Raindance Membership

This week's winner in our weekly competition to come up with a terrible film idea is Steve Evans with SON OF RAMBO.

I was tempted to knock the competition on the head, but Steve's effort has given me new hope. It stays open for another week.

Email your entries to If you win, you'll get a year's free membership. That means you'll get a discount on all our courses, you'll get the Best of the 15th Festival Shorts DVD for free plus discounted or free entry to Raindance events, Festival events and BIFA events. Goddayam!

See all the entries so far
Dead End Job Take a break with RDTV

Need a distraction from a lengthy work day? If your 40 hour weeks have become mundane, take a peek at these four bizarre stories of individuals with not-so-ordinary occupations.

Start off light with the employees AdCorp, where creating a brand is serious business. Starring Andy Dick, this comedic short takes a look at what goes on behind closed doors at a premiere American advertising agency.

Benny has a tough job. He has been stabbed, punched, kicked and spat on. Listen as Benny rants and questions "Where's the respect?" in his high-energy, life-threatening job.

Job No. 2145 is a dark comedy about a country door to door saleswoman peddling the "Hornet Power Axe 9000". Sally knew sales in the Lake District was never going to be easy and has developed an interesting way of dealing with rejection.

Finish up this welcome break with Dead End Job. Molly is fed up with the petty office politics and bickering she constantly hears at her dead end job in a Cardiff call centre. One dismal Monday morning her shocking fantasies come to life.

Choke Elsewhere

A lot of kerfuffle earlier this week when Chuck Palahniuk claimed Radiohead had scored his new film CHOKE. Not true, unfortunately, but the film looks great anyway.

Check out the trailer here

NIN's Year Zero to be made into HBO series?

The is reporting that Trent Reznor is in talks with HBO to make a two season series based on the Nine Inch Nails album Year Zero.

How odd.


Rotten Tomatoes has just released a list of the ten worst reviewed movies of the last ten years, and man, there are some crappy movies in there. There's no way I could bring myself to watch all I've got someone else to do it.

A grumpy drunken Scottish girl is right now, as we speak, gearing up to take on BATTLEFIELD EARTH and others, and once she's gone through the lot, she's going to report back. If she can bear to watch any films after that experience, she'll be providing us with weekly film news & reviews.

Why Bother?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a film with such a preposterous and annoying fanbase that they turn off any right-thinking human being from ever wanting to watch it, is to be remade by short-sighted tasteless dullards.

Expect squawking fools, impossibly awful music and feeble double entendres. The one vaguely interesting thing about this whole terrible mistake is that it's the first time that Sky Movies has directly financed a feature film. In return, it will premiere the film on its own channels.

Mad as a Hatter The Internet: Giving the Crazies a Voice

This lady thinks a rainbow showing up in her sprinkler is a sign that the government is putting chemicals in the water.

I've often thought that being really stupid probably makes everything around you seem like magic. But I guess it just makes some people suspicious and paranoid. That's a shame. I'm bordering on the very stupid myself. I'd better watch out.

And the moon is a mirror? Jesus, how old is she? 2? How did someone this dumb manage to even turn on a computer, let alone upload videos to the internet?

Watch the Video

Sprinkler Lady Thinks the Moon is a Mirror

Sprinkler Lady Thinks a Car Alarm is a Government Timer Going Off
Enter & You're Guaranteed To Be On TV!


Your chance to win a holiday for 2, Avid software or an XBOX 360 as part of propellertv's search for the scariest horror short. Following the huge success of propellertv's first ever short film festival, ShortFest, we are now launching a brand new competition to find the most horrifying short.

To get involved all you've got to do is send in your horror short (no longer than 10 mins) to Horrorfest, Propeller TV, C/O Screen Yorkshire, Leeds, LS2 7EY, UK before Friday 12th September, 2008, along with a propellertv submission form which you can download from;

All entries to 'HorrorFest' will be broadcast on propellertv over Halloween (subject to terms and conditions).

The Spare Room Project The Spare Room Project

Sadly I don't spend much time in Camden these days. I lived there some time in the 90s, including a year I can't remember in a flat above the World's End pub.

I'm pretty sure, though, that we didn't drink in the World's End much, only on days when we absolutely, positively, couldn't walk any further than downstairs in order to get a pint.

Rather, our pub of choice was The Oxford Arms on the High Street. I loved it there: free sausage, chips and beans if you took part in their quiz, and the nicest landlord in town. Hell, he even bought us drinks when we were particularly down and out.

And so to my point. There's a space above the Oxford, called the Etcetera Theatre. In that space, as part of the Camden Fringe, Raindance member Kathering Hayes is putting on a show which she has written and is directing. The show is called Moira's Guest and stars, lordy, Abi Titmuss.

So get along to Camden, support some new talent, and if Pat still runs the bar downstairs, say hi from me.

Click here for dates and details

"If my film makes one more person miserable, I've done my job."

Woody Allen
Working the Net



Applications are now being invited to the New Pathways Film Fund.

New Pathways is a production led intensive training programme for 15 new entrants to film from traditionally under represented groups in the London Boroughs Of Tower Hamlets, Hackney and Newham

The Film Fund is looking for original and exciting stories told with a fresh individual voice that utilise locations from the three partner Boroughs and will embrace new technology and ways of distribution.

Participants to the scheme will be invited to pitch their script developed through the training scheme to a panel of judges who will award 6 film bursaries of £1500. A total of two bursaries will be awarded from each Borough.

Applications are open from Friday 28th July 2008
Application Closing Date: 5pm Wednesday 17th September 2008

For further information and to apply to the New Pathways Film Fund please contact Stephanie Turnbull on 020 7364 7920 or email putting New Pathways in the subject line. Applications can be downloaded from


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