Sunday, July 29, 2007

Big Issue ?

Above are scans from The Big Issue Simpsons piece. Enjoy.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory

Avoid the remake. This film is fantastic. A Cult favourite.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Parole Officer

It's okay, a nice little caper. Reminded me of an Ealing comedy. Nowhere as good though.


Wasn't very good to be honest. Bit lame.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Simpsons Movie

Sorry it's late, I watched it on Wednesday and been busy ever since.

AWESOME. I thought was fantastic. I was gutted when it ended. I wanted more !


Great stuff. Great camera angles and very colourful. Which is best ? This or Brazil !?


Got tickets to see Goldfinger in the cinema on Tuesday night. Looking forward to it.


Boring. Nothing happens for ages.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Pretty good, if a little slow. Jenny is good playing against her type.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Undercover Brother


Tomorrow !

I cannot wait ! Leave me reviews in the comments box when you've watched it.


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american beauty
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Wes Bentley plays Ricky Fits, the young man with the video camera. His life is paralleled by Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey):

1. Ricky begins the movie in apathy (because, we'll learn, he was put in a mental institution and drugged). When we first meet Lester, he's in apathy as well, mechanically performing his humiliating job from his little office cubicle.
3. Ricky smokes dope. Lester smokes dope.
4. Ricky quits his job. Lester quits his job.
5. Ricky is in love with a teenage girl. Lester is in love (or lust anyway) with a teenage girl.
6. Ricky is a teen. Lester acts like a teen - buying the hotrod of his teenage dreams, taking a job at a fast food restaurant, and declaring that he hates responsibility (i.e. being an adult).
7. Ricky possesses some profound spiritual insights, exemplified in his speech about seeing life and its beauty in and through all things. It's a realization he had when witnessing a plastic bag dancing in the wind. Lester repeats this exact same speech at the end of the film.
8. Both Ricky and Lester overcome their apathy. Ricky rises up from apathy to anger (and finally leaves his father). Lester rises all the way up to true spiritual serenity (which takes place right before he dies, and continues to expand afterward.)

Parallel Plotlines is only one of over 50 ways to give emotional depth to a plot. By the way, it's worth noting that Ricky, when he gives his "beauty" speech (about the plastic bag), has not attained true spiritual serenity at that point, although he (and at first, we) believe he has. His Zen-like serenity if fake, covering his apathy. After all, Zen masters don't sell drugs, they don't allow themselves to be beaten to a pulp by their fathers, they don't insist on staying detached from the world (viewing everything though a camera), and they don't get fascinated by death and speak about it frequently.

Having a false emotion (here, serenity) covering a real emotion (in this case, apathy), gives depth to a character. It's what David calls a Character Deepening Technique. In Beyond Structure, you'll learn dozens of others to enrich your characters.

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Monday, July 23, 2007


Really wanted to love this film. Felt a bit empty and was a bit slow too. It's good though.

Lottie B and LocateTV

Lottie B is my new friend. So, who is Lottie B ?
Well Lottie B is one of the lovely people who have set LocateTV.
At moment it's being trialled, so there isn't much to me as yet.
We all hope it to be the Google of TV and film. It's a nice and simple, slick site that lets you
search for when programmes/films are showing on TV, online and DVD.
It will be constantly updated and region specific, with a host of other features in the pipeline
that'll let you customise it without losing its essential clarity.
Keep yourself updated at their lovely blog.

This all sounds fantastic and I cannot wait. Ill you more news when I get my hands on it.


I think this might be Michael Bay's best film. Great effects. I love Optimus Prime.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Simpsons Movie Special on Sky One

It'll be on again pretty soon. It's okay. It shows new clips from the film, and interviews from the folks involved.


Right, I was at a mates' house and they were watching a hooky copy of this film.
The film is pretty funny. Very smart comedy. I'll see it again on the big screen.


More of the same gags and setups. It's just not as good. Shame really.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Short Circuit 2

Not as good as the first one, but that wasn't that great. The scene where Johnny 5 gets battered can scare little kids, believe me.


Crazy, insane fun from Burton. Awesome ensemble cast. Relentless Martians !


I love this film. Stupid, stupid fun. We need more comedies like this. Ones that make me laugh.


Hitchcock's classic. A simple, good ol' murder mystery. Grace Kelly is stunning.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

This Wednesday

Yes ! I have my tickets for The Simpsons Movie for this Wednesday. To celebrate, I have stuck these images I have been sent. They are from this month's Unlimited Magazine from Cineworld.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Thursday, July 19, 2007

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Rene Russo is very attractive. Is this as good as the original ...?


Still visually stunning. Lush slow cameras. Better than Clockwork Orange.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix - GUEST REVIEW

This is special. We have a evelovesporkchops fan. Her name is Lottie B. I will explain who she is a little later. She's sent me her IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW for Harry's latest caper -

The darkest yet. Again. Is the last film going to be so dark we won't actually be able to
see any of the by-then-20 year old cast ?

Thank you Lottie. I love you. And yes, after the weekend (hopefully) I will watch and review
"The Beat That My Heart Skipped". Just for you.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

Curtis Hanson is a genius. This film is very underrated. This, and Polanski's Frantic are the closest we have to Hitchcock.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Monday, July 16, 2007

26th July over here actually ...

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Really good. Not as great as the previous film mind ...

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Bulletproof Monk

What was this film about ? I wasn't really watching it. Couldn't have been that good then.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

I enjoyed this. The first time I saw this, I did not expect the ending.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


Good fun. Effects still looks pretty good, as does Ms. Dunst.


Rubbish. If I had to choose, Turner & Hooch wins every time.

Facebook film ick

I have set up a film ick profile on Facebook. Be our friend. And give us hints and tips on how to best use Facebook for film ick business.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Hitchcockian film by Polanski. Works really well. Great film. Go rent.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Deuce Bigalow ; Male Gigolo

Brash comedy. It's not the world's greatest film ever made.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Not sure if this photo is from the film. The film was okay.

Latest PopBitch

Britain's Next Top Model is warming up nicely on
LIVING tv. Just two episodes in and we've had
bitchfights, accidents and tears over new hairdos.
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* Carl Cox shows us how it's done
* Live Earth fun and games
* Charts: Rihanna is STILL number one

>> Stone the crows <<
Celebrity climate change confusion

Joss Stone performed at Live Earth Johannesburg.
While she stopped to do some interviews for about
20 minutes, someone in her entourage instructed
her driver (a Mercedes bio diesel limo) to
keep the engine running so the car interior
stayed warm for the star.

FYI Johannesburg headliners UB40 announced a track
with, "Nice to see you all singing, we've got an
album out at the moment, this is a track from it."
(So not just for the polar bears, then.)

London's hottest playgroup is in Battersea.
Mark Owen regularly attends, with child, and
happily accompanies the kids on a tambourine.

>> No Chandon, no band on <<
Carl Cox's bubbly lifestyle

Pop stars largely kept their usual
high-maintenance demands away from Live Earth.
Which reminds us of our favourite ever
pop star rider:

DJ Carl Cox ALWAYS got at least a magnum of
good quality champagne - wherever he played.

As his tour manager was fond of saying:

"No Moet, no show-ey
No Chandon, No band on."

Live Earth's BBC1 audience peaked at 3.1m. This
year's Eurovision got 10.9m.

>> Big Questions <<
What people want to know this week

He may be a bit of a wizard on the green baize
but which snooker star lost his passport this
week in Hong Kong's bar district... on a
night out with a hooker?

Which Brit rap lothario keeps a shagpad in
Wimbledon secret from both wife and girlfriend?
When he's not ensconced his married friends
can enjoy its charms.

Slang for gay in China is "to be fond of the
leftover peach" or a "sleeve-cutter".

>> Not the new Banksy <<
Jack Penate makes new fans

wee minger writes:
"XL artist Jack Penate was rather cocky when
confronting management at Glasgow's Sub Club
last Sunday, after liberally applying his 'tag'
to many flat surfaces in the club. However,
he was lot less cocky afterwards, when he had
to stump up a couple of hundred quid and
grovel to the club for his bag, which he had
inadvertently left behind."

O2 customers can buy tickets before anyone else for
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Offer ends tonight!

>> Radio gone gaga <<
Does anyone in music know arse from elbow?

Radio One's head of music has been telling
record label A&Rs to consult him before
signing any bands... because what would be
the point without knowing if you were going
to get any airplay on One.

And they say the music industry is
in crisis...

Bono and The Edge are doing research for their
upcoming Spiderman: The Musical by going to Broadway
shows such as Xanadu and Spring Awakening.

>> Deerly beloved <<
How to be really sneaky

Deer farmers breed their does with an Alpha
male deer to get the best possible breeding
results. But to sure all the does get
pregnant they also let a young male deer
hang around, to catch any the top deer misses.
The technical term for this role, even in the
deer management text books? "The sneaky fucker".

Journey's brilliant Don't Stop Believing has hit
number one in Ireland, thanks to an appearance
on the final episode of The Sopranos.

>> Food for thought <<
Don't touch John McClane's dinner

Bruce Willis' regular chat-up line is
"You smell nice! I'm Bruce Willis. Do you
want to go to dinner with me?"

However, dinner can be a fraught time for
Bruce. He has a morbid fear of anyone
touching his food.

Poor Oliver Stone recently dumped a girlfriend
when he caught her sniggering with her friends
about his hair plugs.

>> Man in black <<
Graham Poll reinvented

Controversial referee Graham Poll is making
a nice living as an after-dinner speaker.
He introduces himself by saying "Good evening.
I'm the complete tosser who gave out three
yellow cards in the World Cup."

It's easy to be scornful of Poll, but he did
only made 60 grand a year for taking that
abuse - about the same as Andrei Shevchenko
gets every three days. And he's confessed the
real reason he decided to quit early was when
his thirteen year-old daughter started
getting death threats.

Nick Cave spotted running for a bus on the Kings Rd.
He "runs like a girl".

>> Pandering to your affection <<
Animal videos to soothe your Thursday

Pandas rule. They may be next year's otters.
Here they cry, sneeze and fight:

1. Panda Cry

2. Panda Sneeze

3. Panda Fight!

Justin Timberlake had 7000 bottles of Fiji
Water delivered to O2 for his gigs.

>> Things that make you go hmmm <<
Daniel Radcliffe, Japan, marmots

New weird Japanese eating trend:

Sex toys for supermodels. And royal girlfriends.
Moss likes the gold one, Middleton the cone:

Adulterous marmots rule!

Daniel Radcliffe and Freddie Mercury
share stylist:

Ukraine's Eurovision tranny gets a big release
in Germany:

Someone doesn't like Mr Amy Winehouse:

Carbon offsetting - just guilt-removal
for rich people?

>> Chart Predictions <<
New entries/High climbers Sun 15th July

++ Number One
RIHANNA Umbrella

++ Top Ten
ARCTIC MONKEYS Fluorescent Adolescence

++ Top Twenty
BLOC PARTY Hunting For Witches
ARCTIC MONKEYS Fluorescent Adolescent
TRAVIS Selfish Jean

++ Top Forty
DYKEENIES Clean Up Your Eyes

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Clever film. Really enjoyed watching this whenever it's on TV.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


Still the best out of all the Batman films. Very dark. Tim Burton did well.

Monday, July 09, 2007

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - My Best Friend's Wedding

Utter utter rubbish. Crap. Julia Roberts looks good though.


Awesome, brutal, fantastic, amazing. I say - GO WATCH THIS FILM.


Dunst is lush in this film. Lazy Shakespeare re-hash. Watchable though.


Clunky editing. Pretty lame film all in all. I would avoid this at most costs.