Thursday, March 29, 2007


Could you put on music events for Oxjam? Want to join our team?

Oxfam is looking for talented, outgoing music-lovers to become volunteer Music Event Organisers.

Whether you love classical music or club nights – if you’ve got what it takes - OXJAM want to hear from you.

Click HERE to apply.

That is all.

Greenscreen help

My music video is taking longer than expected. I'm having a little trouble nailing the chroma keying down. Still, a friend of mine emailed me this.
Ken Stone knows his stuff. I hope it helps you lot out as it will me.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

QOOB Video Thing - some help

Here is the main blurb from an email I received straight from QOOB.
Hope it helps - English version of will be available soon, but until that
follow these instructions.

To enter the contest you have to upload a compressed version of your
video in AVI, MOV or WMV (less than 50mb, we suggest to compress in MOV
H264 format and maybe lower the framerate to contain the filesize) on
the website.

When you have registered on (you can do it here: )

you have to login and go to this url: it is the video upload page.

The 1st field is the title of the video. In this case it must be like
"CSS + your project name"

The 2nd field is the video category.

Third field is needed to enter the contest, select "CSS Video Contest"

The 4th field is a short description of the video (max 1500 characters)

Then, in the 5th field you have to select the file you want to upload.

Just below the 5th field you can select a preview photo for this video,
if you have any problem with that simply select "FOTO DI DEFAULT" and
send to us via email a preview (120x90pixels)

Then the 1st checkbox is necessary to give us the rights to publish
online your video.

The fields below are for the keywords (to make easier to search)

And the last checkbox is optional, it give us the rights to
download the original video file.

Only in case of victory a hi-quality version will be requested!

There you go. I love broken English.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Obviously, I cannot condone breaking laws and that, but if you're into downloading films, games etc., Releaselog is a great starting point.
It has all new releases directly from the scene.
You can leave comments, it has RSS and it well written (unlike this).
Have a look, and share with all your law breaking mates.

Perry Bible Fellowship

I have been turned on to this website this afternoon.
Very funny and inventive.
The quality of the output is relentless. Enjoy

Monday, March 26, 2007

CSS Qoob Music Video Contest Thing

The lovely people at QOOB are running a contest.
I'm just putting the finishing touches to my entry.
Cansei De Ser Sexy
are a band from Brazil. For their new video, Alcohol, they're addressing the QOOB online community to come up with a promo.

The band have been filmed in front of a green screen. You can download the footage and mess about with it.

You can download and listen to the track by clicking here.
All entries will have to be submitted by 15 April. The winner get 2000 euros.

For further info, please drop them a line at

Good luck.
Hopefully I will upload my effort in a week or two.

Neon Bible

Over 13,000 views which still amazes me.
Post production using only iMovie.

Watch and share ?

Huw Stephens

I spotted Huw Stephens in Tesco's in Canton earlier today. He just bought a LP from a charity shop.

This one -A very, very good choice Huw. If he mentions this treat on either Radio 1 or Radio Wales, you heard it here first.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Sledge online

I'm spreading myself about a bit.
Have a look on the right.