Sunday, August 31, 2008


Reminded me of Funny Games.

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three

Awesome classic. Interested in the remake.


The Teenage Witch drove me crazy.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

99 Mins

99 Minute Film School
Thursday 4 September 6:30 - 9pm
At University College London, nr Euston
Please contact us with any questions at the email address or phone number listed below.
It was BRILLIANT!. Elliot is amazing. Raindance is amazing.

You guys are geniuses; and I met some really cool people on the course too. I now promise, word-of-mouth-wise; to promote you guys obsessively to everyone I know, regardless of whether they want to make films or not -- you're great. Thanks!

And whenever I can afford it, I'll be back around to take another course. Meanwhile, I shall continue shooting.

- D Johnson, filmmaker

E99 Minute Film Schoolverything you need to know about the industry
99 Minute Film School

Of course it is impossible to explain filmmaking in 99 minutes! Or is it?

Elliot Grove, founder of Raindance and one of the most knowledgeable filmmakers in the UK, will attempt just that and give you a viable plan and dozens of filmmaking tips in just 99 minutes.
Where: Gustave Tuck Lecture Theatre,University College London Gower Street London WC1E 6BT MAP
When: Thursday 4 September 6:30 - 9pm
Our Price:
Members Price: Free
Find out how to Join Raindance

Call 0207 287 3833 to register or Book Online Here

Read more here...
Contact Us
phone: +44 (0) 207 287 3833

Short Circuit Short Film Competition
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Can't Wait? Can't Attend?

Free Article: 21 Minute Film School
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*** Watch independent shorts, features, documentaries FREE

Friday, August 29, 2008


Awesome. Mitchell is a legend.


An ad for Eurostar ? Not bad.

A wretched hive of scum and villainy‏

Hollywood Reporter
the online Cookie* of independent film
the 28 August 2008 edition
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What's new

Thanks to Dailymotion, the 99 Minute Filmschool on September 4 is only £10 or FREE to members. The price will go back up again to £30 next time, so I'd book now if I were you.

More info here
Indie Tip

A successful film has to have believable and interesting characters that an audience can get involved with and relate to. One way in which to add realism to your characters is to add depth to their personality and history.

Click here for a list of 50, yes 50, questions to ask yourself when creating convincing characters.
Peep Show One Night Stand

Award-winning writer and comedian Dave Cohen has been helping comedy writers and producers at Raindance for a few years now.

This time, however, he brings his experience of writing Situation Comedy to a new one-day course: Write The Sitcom, Sell The Sitcom.

This is a one-day course that concentrates solely on writing sitcom and finding the right producer to send your script to.

And at the end of the day you will receive a mountain of information explaining the entire commissioning process, who runs what and who best to contact.

Write The Sitcom, Sell The Sitcom takes place on September 27

Click here for details
The Wait Is Almost Over!

If you have submitted a film to this year's Raindance Film Festival, please bear with us for a few more days while we finalise our lineup. We aim to inform all filmmakers the outcome of their submission by Monday 1st September.

It's almost cliché for festivals to say this, but this year's festival really has been the hardest yet to compile. We thank all submitters for giving us such brilliant films to consider.

We'll be in touch soon.

The programme will be officially announced on 2 September. Details will be on our website,

The Raindance Festival Team

We're celebrating filmmaking documentaries this week.

Follow the story of 5 actresses trying to pursue their dreams in Hollywood in Daniel Yost's Actress.

Then listen to Richard E Grant don his wryest voice as he narrates Quentin Reynolds' The Making of a Film Idol. An entrepreneur wanting to set up his own casting website meets a first-time filmmaker wanting to cast his gangster film with wannabes. With a documentary team in tow, it all goes horribly wrong, but it makes for gripping car crash entertainment.

We'd like to think this will give the indie filmmakers amongst you a bit of a boost: we've all seen docs about productions dogged by shooting problems, but to see something so miserably ill-conceived from the get-go may give you new hope that your epic postmodernist animated triptych has some chance of getting off the ground.

If you need a pick-me-up after that, check out Ten Seconds.
Shawshank Characters To Die For

What makes a great script? A riveting story - or memorable characters? You may say, both. But for the star who you want to attract to your script, only one thing matters: a great role.

So what are actors looking for? Fortunately, the answer to that is the same answer to what makes a riveting script. Difficult challenges, agonising dilemmas - create characters to die for.

Read the full article by Josh Golding here

Josh Golding will be teaching Maverick Screenwriting on 20/21 September (more info here)
Free Membership...And More

Lots of new entries in our Think-Up-A-Terrible-Idea-For-A-Film competition.

This week's winner is David Grenfell with LUCKY BRICK. Congratulations, you win a year's Raindance membership.

Click here to read all the entries

Membership gives you 15% off all our courses, free or reduced entry to Raindance, Festival & BIFA events, access to hundreds of scripts, our Little Black Book of contacts and legal docs in our online members area, a free DVD and more stuff whenever the fancy takes us.

To win a Raindance membership, submit your bad film idea to

In a couple of weeks time I'll go through all the entries that have been submitted to this competition, and the best will win a place on our Writers' Foundation Certificate.
First Feature REVIEWS

New Release: SOMERS TOWN

How did our reviewer Stephanie get from Shane Meadows to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Heroes?

Find out here

Curiouser and Curiouser

Steph is also going to be telling us her top 1000 films (or until she gets bored) that you may not have seen, but really should.

1. Harold & Maude (1971) Hal Ashby

Maybe this is an obvious choice because I'm slightly obsessed with this film, but honestly, it changed my life. Watch it now.


No, no, no, no, no. Coming soon, FACEBOOK: THE MOVIE. Christ on a bike, what fucking next, AMAZON: NOT JUST BOOKS?

The first script review of Cormac McCarthy's THE ROAD (screenplay by Joe Penhall) has appeared online

Unsurprisingly Warners are suing indian film company Mirchi Movies over their forthcoming release entitled HARI PUTTAR - A COMEDY OF. Even though the plot bears little relation to Harry Potter, the title alone has gotten their knickers in a twist.

Good grief - Cher for Catwoman in the next Batman movie? Who next? Phil Fucking Collins?

Spielberg to direct first in TINTIN trilogy, Jackson the second. Yawn.

Check out Dave Perillo's film and tv-based art.

Thanks Steph
Win A Trip To Cannes

Calling all filmmakers!

Do you want to win a trip to the Cannes Film Festival?

Do you want to have your film screened at the Raindance Film Festival in October?

Do you want to win an award at the Raindance Film Festival?

Then all you need to do is make a one minute short film and enter it into the Short Circuit competition!

The competition opens next week for just 3 weeks, so get filmmaking!


We received this email from Raindance member Susan Douglas this week:

"As you like to know what alumni are up to, just wanted to let you know that I've started a new Documentary company with a partner, handling two strands, one for online distribution and the other theatrical / TV release.

The first one out of the box for theatrical is WHO KILLED NANCY, the story of Sid Vicious being accused of killing Nancy Spungeon in NYC's Chelsea Hotel. The Director Alan G Parker has researched the story for the last twenty odd years, so there's a lot of unrevealed info plus unseen footage and previously unreleased music. We plan to release here next Feb to coincide with the anniversary of the death of Sid."

Jean-Luc Godard Quote

"All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl."

Jean-Luc Godard
Working the Net


Can you write a budget for a £100,000 film? Director, Writer and other key crew looking for a producer to collaborate on an application for Microwave, the Film London Low Budget Feature scheme. We have a script, we just need someone who can help with the budget.

Thank you. Check out:

Contact Martin

Desperately Seeking Canadian

My friend and colleague, Martin Himel is in London until the middle of November editing a series for Vision TV in Toronto. We are desperately trying to find a hot young Canadian who can edit documentary material on Avid Media Composer.

The requirement for a Canadian is because of CAVCO tax credits.

You can contact me as below if you have any questions.

Jennifer Wilson


Badlands Competition


Yeah, you read right, and no - it's not 1973. The good folks at the BFI are re-releasing Terrence Malick's cinematic masterpiece BADLANDS at the BFI Southbank and various other venues around the country.

Even better, blinkBox has 3 sets of tickets to give away for he BFI Southbank.

To win a pair of tickets (to a date of your choosing), email with ypur full name and postal address

Entries must be received by August 31. Winners will be chosen randomly. Oh, and click here for a BEST AMERICANA MOVIES list, if you're interested.

Scripts we'd like to read

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Brand no bogan‏

42 Below Vodka has given Lift Off to Friday
afternoons in offices around London this Summer.
It's back on 26th September to make cocktails for
Popbitch readers but in the meantime, buy 42 Below
here: and get someone to
make you one of these:

"I want to give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabian
brothers and sisters and all my brothers and sisters
from all the countries that have oil, if you could
all please send me some oil for my jet I would
truly appreciate it." - P Diddy
_ __ ___ _ __ | |__ (_) |_ ___| |__
| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | __/ __| '_ \
| |_) | (_) | |_) | |_) | | || (__| | | |
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* Rio: not the worst Ferdinand
* Name that Olympian!
* Charts: Katy Perry is still number one

>> Nice guy Shia <<
He's a drunk, but a nice drunk

Shia LeBoeuf is the subject of much media
hand-ringing about a supposed James Dean-
style death wish and alcohol addiction. Shia
may be out of control but it looks like this
movie star is that rare beast who hasn't
lost his manners or sense of loyalty on his
way up. The gossip around Hollywood is that his
new movie Eagle Eye isn't very good. And
that Shia knew this when he signed on. But he
attached himself to the project to help
out the director, who had previously
directed him in Disturbia, one of the movies
that helped LeBoeuf become such a bankable star.

Niche celeb spotting: for fans of both Kylie and
Frank Lampard, the place to stalk them is Sophie's
Steak House, Fulham Road.

>> Jordan's hero <<
Rio: not the worst Ferdinand

One premiership player enjoying a transfer
this summer is Anton Ferdinand. Sunderland
have got themselves a gem. When asked last
year by the West Ham programme to name his
most treasured possession, Anton Ferdinand
identified "The picture that Michael Jordan
signed saying it was a privilege to meet me."

Chris Moyles has bought Les Dennis' house.

>> Big Questions <<
What people are asking this week

Which radio exec on an Olympics freebie
annoyed the rest of his party with his
diva behaviour? The party got their own back
though with the knowledge that his diarrhoea
wasn't just verbal. They all chuckled at the
news that the shouty shortarse failed to get
out of bed in time during one urgent dash to
the loo, and ended up shitting all over his
five-star hotel room.

Nobu is opening a branch in Tel Aviv this Winter.
Outside Moscow and London it's where Russian
money is being spent these days.

>> How the other half live <<
Russian oligarch schooldays

Some of London's richest children go to the
Garden House School. None are richer than
Roman Abramovich's daughter. Yet Abramovitch Jnr
may not have such a fun life. Her father's
security worries mean that she doesn't get
to go on all the same play dates or after-school
activities as the other kids, but is whisked
away by bodyguards. Dad tried to persuade
the school to let him send in a bodyguard
to the classroom but, weirdly, they thought
it was more appropriate that the bodyguards
waited outside. Having more fun than
Mini-Abramovitch is her schoolmate Tamara
Mellon's daughter. She has specially made
Jimmy Choo heels from her mum's company.
The daughter's age? Six.

Simon Callow goes to Bannatynes gym in Edinburgh.
He "makes really loud grunting noises and has calves
the size of watermelons", we're told.

>> Name that Olympian <<
Popbitch's best named sports stars

You emailed: here are the results.
Favourite named Olympians 2008:

Second runner up:
Canada's baseball player : Stubby Clapp

Runner up:
Germany's Fanny Fischer, Flatwater Kayaking.

Australian softballer - Natalie Titcume.

Chesneywatch: In this month's "Southport, Liverpool,
Wirral Chester- Life Style Monthly" magazine,
Chesney reveals he runs a songwriting retreat in
Iceland, which is his "spiritual home".

>> Going for gold <<
Some medallists are more equal than others

Much was made of BA's gold-nosed 747 and five-star
treatment of our Olympic athletes. The reality was
a little different. Only the top medallists were
flown back in first class - the majority were
shipped in economy. On the outbound flights, all
of the team were ferried out in economy. And
perhaps the biggest irony is that BA's policies
prevent them from carrying sporting goods such
as javelins, vaulting poles, canoes etc.

Right Said Fred's Fairbrass brothers are currently
working out in a gym in Fulham, always wearing
matching white tops.

>> Caucasus conundrums <<
What's going down in Abkhazia

On a recent visit to Russia we heard an
interesting theory about Russia and Georgia.
While this month's war blew up in South
Ossetia, it is the region of Abkhazia where the
most troublesome Russian interference had
been occurring. Abkhazia is next to the
Russian resort of Sochi where, of course,
the 2014 Winter Olympics are taking place.
Russia needs huge amounts of raw materials
to build and supply Sochi stadiums. Abkhazia
is full of the necessary raw materials.
So Russia has been sucking up to the Abkhaz
leaders to get a foot in the door. Plus - and
even more important - Russians want to get
in there now and buy up Abkhazia land as
prices in the whole area will rocket
post-Olympics. It's all about the roubles,
then, after all.

FYI: Last October we reported that Georgia's
government hired Boney M to play a peace gig in
Tskhinvali. South Ossetians are obviously not
fans of Brown Girl In The Ring.

Real UGG boots from £94 with FREE delivery!
Enter 'pop15' at checkout for 15% off.

>> Recognisable brand <<
Russell gets into Aussie Rules

Lauren writes:
"I was at an AFL match in Melbourne a couple of
weeks ago and ran into Russell Brand at the bar.
He was there with Teresa Palmer and her parents.
I told him he was a bogan for supporting Port
Adelaide (he was wearing a Port Adelaide scarf.)
He didnt know what a bogan was. I told him a
bogan is like a chav. Then Teresa's mum came
over and started having a go at me for saying
they were bogans. She held out her jacket,
and asked me to stroke it saying "See, feel
this, this isnt bogan." Russell was happy to
pose for a photo and said that I was the first
person who had recognised him in Australia.
Teresa was lovely too. Shame about the mother."

Spotted in a bar in Phnom Penh - Matt Dillon. He was
approached by an American girl who said, "I''m sorry
to disturb you... but aren't you Matt Damon?"

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Philippines, Lagerfeld, Margi Clarke

Credit crunch? Whatever. Here's what you should
be buying and wearing this season.

Ping Pong is coming home at
Loads of tees 9.99:

Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear:

Want to be Gazza's friend?

A new ballot system for elections is being tested
on Mindanao, Philippines. A fake election was
held between Pierce Brosnan, Leo DiCaprio, Kevin
Costner, Harrison Ford and Sharon Stone. The
winner was Pierce Brosnan, thanks to Remington
Steele reruns still being popular.

Cornwall's best floatation centre - one hour
in a flotation tank is like eight hours sleep:

Everything you ever wanted to know about cat food:

Remember Margi Clarke? She makes holistic
skin care products now:

Band who only sing about pandas:

Brilliantly named festival starts today
in Beirut...Big Bang.

Moby reports from the Democratic convention:

***** Sponsored video - watch it and help us
pay for our bandwidth *****

Radio Popbitch: no annoying DJs, no irritating jingles.
Last week's top ten most requested included MGMT
Electric Feel, Faithless God IS A DJ, Technotronic
Pump Up The Jam, Andy Williams Can't Take My Eyes
Off You, Queens of the Stone Age No One Knows and
Beach Boys Good Vibrations.

>> Chart Predictions <<
New entries/High climbers Sun 31st August

++ Number One
KATY PERRY I Kissed A Girl

++ Top Ten
GLASVEGAS Daddy's Gone

++ Top Twenty
METALLICA The Day That Never Comes
LITTLE JACKIE The World Should Revolve Around Me

++ Top Forty

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Two women are sitting in a cafe discussing plans.
The first women says to the other, "I'm having
a boob job." The second woman says "I am having
my asshole bleached. The first replies,
"I cant imagine your husband with blond hair!"

Still Bored:
Please can someone get us one of these?

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - The Illusionist

Nowhere near as good as The Prestige.

Monday, August 25, 2008


Awesome. Full of twists and turns and tricks.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Jackie Chan's The Medallion

Jackie Chan. Lee Evans. Sammo Hung's action direction. Should have been good.

Battle Royale With Cheese

Love films ?
Try this -

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Great film. Underrated.

Thursday, August 21, 2008


NewsBiscuit Exclusive: Download your own GCSE Certificate

Didn’t do so well in your GCSE’s? Didn’t get the grades you were hoping for? (By the way, never end a sentence with a preposition!) Never mind, now you can simply download a certificate off the internet and fill in any results you want. They’ll never know, and besides most of your course work’s been cribbed (that means copied) from the internet anyway, so why not the end result? Go for it, what harm can it do?

This offer is exclusively available from NewsBiscuit and about 50,000 other reputable websites for people who haven’t quite got what they need to go on to their next stage.

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Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Great film.


Good, but a bit slow for me.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

IN DEPTH FILM REVIEW - Lovers, Liars & Lunatics

I like. Well done Amber Benson.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Great. Brilliant OST.

Friday, August 15, 2008


Mexican President gets second job in White House kitchens

Mexico’s economic dependency on the United States took a symbolic and embarrassing twist yesterday when President Felipe Calderon admitted that he was working nights washing dishes in the White House kitchens to make ends meet.

To read the full story, click here.

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She loves Barbie

The Premiership kicks off on Saturday, so sign up to
The Times Fantasy Football and pick your team today.
You have £100 million to spend on players from the
Prem and SPL. Register a team for £3, or get 3 teams
for 6 quid. The prize fund is £100,000:

"I loved Barbie. I have about 20 dolls, the
huge house, the hot dog stand, the workout
centre, the pool, the Corvette and the
water-slide park" - Katie Holmes

"I'm glad I could wait this long before I
had to deal with reality" - Katie Holmes
_ __ ___ _ __ | |__ (_) |_ ___| |__
| '_ \ / _ \| '_ \| '_ \| | __/ __| '_ \
| |_) | (_) | |_) | |_) | | || (__| | | |
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* Not the charts: How good is the new Keane single?

>> Back door Hamilton <<
Lewis tries to be nice to everyone

Lewis Hamilton popped into the Dorchester Hotel
for an event recently. Rather than walk in off
the street like anyone else, he was secretly
bundled in the back door.

Why? Hamilton has a deal with Hilton, and some
of his people were worried about him being
photographed going into a different hotel.
The joys of being a superstar, eh?

Popbitch's favourite British backstroker:
Liam Tancock. And our favourite Olympic boxing
judge? Cuba’s Juan Ponce.

>> Miller liked <<
Sienna has some admirers

Overheard in a greasy spoon in North London
last week, two blokes who claimed to be
drinking buddies of Rhys Ifans. One of the
men claimed Sienna Miller had been badly
treated by the press and "copped the blame
unfairly" for leaving Mr Ifans, who is "a
great laugh" and a "wonderful bloke". But
but such a huge drinker that "it's doubtful
any woman who'll stick with him for long".
They were also of the opinion that Miller
had "done herself proud" by not talking
about it anywhere.

Like humans, pandas walk with both their heel and toes.

>> Big Questions <<
What football fans are asking this week

This player enjoyed a big transfer during the
summer but was less keen on his other
activities getting a high-profile.
With a wife at home, he still lived it up
shagging around. And reached for a privacy
injunction the second a one-night stand
went to the newspapers.

Which footballer, when caught shagging his
mistress in the marital bed by a tabloid,
was so cool about the potential scandal
he refused to tell his wife the story was
about to break?

China are leading America in the Gold race but we
predict a Phelps-led comeback for the USA. Get on
this (and your favourite Brits - see below) with a
series of cheeky flutters making up £25 and Betfair
will give you £25 free:

>> Viva la Revolucion! <<
Britain’s modern meritocracy

Princess Beatrice has been admitted to trendy
Goldsmith’s College. But how? Some tutors
can’t seem to find an application form or
UCAS entry for her anywhere. You know. that
form that everyone has to fill out to go to
University in Britain. Maybe it got lost. Or maybe
there’s different rules for royalty. Still,
the tutors aren’t so upset. They did
manage to head off Peaches Geldof’s application.

Pandas are black and white because their conspicuous
coat enables solitary pandas to spot one another, and
avoid each other, but also to help males and
females find one another during the breeding season.

>> The one and only – more <<
Chesney Hawkes is a very nice man

DJ V writes:
“I present a radio talk show. The other week
we were doing a show on what people earn and
wanted to get a 'pop star' on to reveal what
cash they make. We got Chesney Hawkes number
and called him one afternoon. He answered
in a half-whisper as we explained who we are
and what we wanted. He was very polite but
explained he "can't talk now as I'm looking
after my sick children, but I'd be more than
happy to talk later..." He then gave us his
manager's number! We never ended up calling
him back but he was very sweet.”

Pandas excrete up to 40 kilograms per day. Because
their feces eliminate more water than their food
brings in, they usually drink at least once per day.

>> Team GB: hot or not? <<
Sports Minister Burnham delivers kiss of death

One week in, and already the Olympics are creating
new British household names - there's that Welsh
bike woman, the swimming one, and who could forget
the little diving guy? He was rubbish. Blame
Minister for Culture, Media and Sport Andy Burnham,
perhaps, whose crass comments about how countries
like Australia looked enviously at Britain now
sealed our hapless athletes fates. Still,
there's always the rowing:

Here's our tips for making some money...

*GB coxless four.

*Kelly Sotherton in the Heptathlon.

* Usain Bolt and Asafa Powell will be hard to beat
in the 100m but Tyson Homosexual is good odds
at 3/1.

Start an account at Betfair, quote OLY008 and claim
£25 of free bets:

Julian Cope at Latitude had a meltdown, telling the
crowd "Tell your grandparents! Tell your
grandchildren that people like me existed!'.

>> Thought for the week <<
John McCain v Barack Obama

For anyone that didn’t know. John McCain was
at the bottom of his military class at Annapolis,
but still got to pilot a fighter plan due to
his father’s connections. He is the son and
the grandson of admirals. He finished
894 of 899 in his graduating class. Despite
crashing five aircrafts, John McCain was never
disciplined. And son-of-single-mother Obama
is, of course, the privileged elitist.

FYI: Most of the male porn stars were Jewish at
the beginning," says Republican Congressional
Candidate and Nazi apologist:

Basketball star Yao Ming is the financial backer of
a huge new music download system in China,

>> All we hear is <<
Radio Popbitch, Radio Popbitch

Over the last few months we’ve been putting
together a radio station online. It’s got
about 20,000 tunes on it. And it works much
like a pub jukebox. Select a track and we’ll
probably play it. Or just listen in. Anyway,
it’s still a work in progress but you can
try it out on

To celebrate, we have a free download single,
a new acoustic version of a very nice 80s
number from the Blow Monkeys, Diggin Your
Scene. And Dr Robert has kindly recorded a
radio show detailing his top 10 summer tunes:

When Chairman Mao Zedong's gifted Richard Nixon two
pandas in 1972, Ling-Ling and Hsing-Hsing, Nixon
responded by sending back a pair of musk oxen.

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Piggy, Panda v Nixon, Steve McClaren

Miss Piggy does synchronised swimming:


Reality show hell - Ireland's Failte Towers.
(Failte, meaning welcome in Irish). Celebs have
to look after a hotel with "real" guests, The "stars"
include Brian Dowling from Big Brother (who is
very orange and looks botoxed), the ubiquitously
pointless Michelle Heaton and the gay and lesbian twins
who screwed up the Irish Eurovision entry a few years ago.

Bomb the Bass is back!/Users/camillawright/Desktop/grazia

Want to have your say on what’s cool?
Try Poll The People:

Steve McClaren’s new Dutch accent:

Resepct the F.A:

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Q: Why do I call my dog Blacksmith?
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