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Raindance news Press release
18 MArch 2008


We had a bit of press today, about, which I thought you would enjoy.

Here it is, on C21 website: funds pour in board named 18 Jul 2008, the new platform for indie filmmakers and viewers, has secured its core funding and announced the composition of its board.

Full Story funds pour in, board named (RDTV), the new platform for indie filmmakers and viewers, has secured its core funding and announced the composition of its board.

The business, which is tied to the Raindance Film Festival in October and the British Independent Film Awards in November, first began trading as an aggregator-distributor 10 months ago, syndicating independent films across third-party platforms.

The first phase of the company's own destination site went live in the early summer and a public launch of the business is scheduled for mid-September.

The management team includes Andre Burgess, a former talent agent and digital media consultant, as CEO, while Chris Auty, who has experience across film production, distribution, licensing and cinemas, is non-exec chairman.

Keith Greenhalgh a former Capital Radio and Hutchinson 3G exec, is financial and commercial director.

Other members include Andy Williams, a Bafta-winning producer of TV programmes and commercials and a former Disney Channel executive; Suzanne Ballantyne, a co-founder of the British Independent Fim Awards and senior programmer at the Raindance Film Festival; and Elliot Grove, founder of the Raindance Festivals and the British Independent Film Awards.

Raindance was conceived 17 years ago when Grove started a
film festival for outsiders and indies. Along the way, he had help from directors like Quentin Tarantino, Mike Figgis, Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Paul Greengrass.

RDTV has a presence on platforms such as Joost and Babelgum, Dailymotion and T-Mobile. Its current selection includes around 30 features and 200 shorts.

"This is an exciting moment in the development of the space where cinema meets the web," said Auty. "RDTV is already distributing to 10 platforms and building on that rapidly. With the first tranche of its core funding now placed, the company is on track to launch its destination service in late 2008.

"Key parts of that service are inspired by the 30,000 loyal fans and subscribers who make up the Raindance community, and we are drawing strongly on that experience in building RDTV."

Jules Grant
18 Jul 2008
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I am really excited about as we move into Phase 2. We have a really strong team, and some great people involved. And, you1 Thnaks so much for your support.

Let me know how you are.
Elliot Grove
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