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Hello again.

What's new

We have a new course coming up, one that was suggested to us by quite a few of you.

Confused by cameras? Don't know which end to point at Madam Pouty?

The Ins and Outs of the Camera will cover the absolute basics including "How do I turn the bloody thing on?", "What does this red light mean?' and "Can I make him look normal?".

By the end of this course you WILL be a better camera operator.

The course takes place on July 26/27 at the Arts.

£250+VAT, 15% off for members.
Live!Ammo! Live!Ammunition! at the EIFF

We had a fantastic time at the Edinburgh Film Festival last week.

We saw a very funny doc by Werner Herzog and marvelled at the amount of free booze that was flowing. Where on earth did they get all the money to pay for that?

But best of all, naturally, was Live!Ammunition!

Our panellists were Allison Gardner, Director of the Glasgow Film Festival, and BIFA-winners Tim Barrow and Charlie Belleville, who wrote, produced and directed Raindance favourite The Inheritance.

There were a lot of very good pitches, but our well-deserved winners were Susan Everett (1st place), Nick Hogarth and Hamish McCartan (runners-up), and they won a whole load of stuff from Raindance, Shooting People and Wallflower Press.

While we were there, Tim gave us his experience of pitching The Inheritance, a truly independent film that won over audiences, won awards and will soon get a release on DVD.

Read more here
HendrixFestival Acts Required

As the office slowly recovers from the recent bombardment of packaged submissions, it is now time to work our way through each film to compile the programme for this year's festival.

In many ways this is highlight of the year, as we subject ourselves to an abundance of stories, fact and fiction, to determine how the festival will be shaped.

We're also busy putting together the events list for this year, which promises to be more ambitious than ever before.

This year we are incorporating more live performances into the mix, so if you're in a London-based band or know of one that would be interested in performing at the festival, please send a Myspace/website link to, along with all relevant contact details. We'll get in touch with any acts that we feel would suit the festival.

Check back with us on September 1st for the full line-up of the 16th Raindance Film Festival. We hope you're as excited as we are.
One Night Stand

Two courses for Writers coming up: Write & Sell the Hot Script and the TV Writer's Lab.

Write & Sell is a bit of an old favourite, one of our most popular courses. Actually it's not just for writers but producers too, so if that's your bag, come along.

Write & Sell is on 12/13 July and costs £250+VAT. Raindance members naturally get their 15% off.

The TV Writer's Lab is a new course for us but a tried and tested course for tutor Clive Bradley. Bradley's got a bit of form as it goes; he was Head Writer for C4's City Of Vice, he's won a BAFTA, and he's penned a successful feature, WAZ. So there you go.

TV Writer's Lab takes place on seven evenings in July, starting on the 9th (click here for full details). It costs £165+VAT, usual discounts apply.
Mr X Stealing the Show

Who 'transforms one of David Mamet's most memorable monologues into a glorious symphony of verbal abuse, self-aggrandizement, shameless appeals to greed, and naked cruelty.

He's capitalism's seething black heart, an economic hitman who enjoys his job way more than any non-sociopath should...'?

Click here to find out and for more Stellar Cinematic One-Scene Wonders
Josh Golding Maverick Screenwriting

What do films like RESERVOIR DOGS, BEING JOHN MALKOVICH, AMORES PERROS, MEMENTO and DONNIE DARKO have in common? They were all made by new filmmakers, without stars and for low budgets.

In spite of that, these films succeeded because of the brilliance of their conceits, as well as the originality of their storytelling.

Well, Josh Golding believes that he can help you to write just such a script, but you have to be prepared to free your imagination.

Read the interview
RaindanceTV RDTV

Here at we have been busy putting loads of new films for you up on! We have films for every mood.

If you need a little bit of drama in your life then check out the short film Shiner by Michael Doyle. SHINER is the story of an obsessive-compulsive hoarder who is in the tail end of his life.

If a bit of animation is more up you alley then the short Snuffy by Trevor Hardy may just be the thing for you! Poor Snuff - Will he ever catch that butterfly? Watch and find out!

We have many more shorts and feature length films up on so make sure to have a look!
Sex And The CitySex And The City

"Just plain dumb."

"Like nails on a chalkboard."

Just a couple of the phrases contained within John Truby's analysis of Sex And The City.

I may have taken them out of context, however.

Perhaps you had better read the article yourself.

Click the icon below for more on John Truby's Advanced Screenwriting Audio CD.

Advanced Class CD
Brittown Strong Language, Risque Attire

BRITTOWN is a documentary featuring legendary underground Britbike mechanic Meatball from the Hell On Wheels bike shop in Anaheim, CA.

Meatball and his buddies are on a World Tour to promote their film and on July 16 they'll be rocking up in London.

If you like men with dirty fingers and shiny helmets, then come along to this free screening. The Directors will be on hand for a Q&A session, and if you're lucky maybe some greasemonkey will let you get your hands on his chopper..

When: July 16, 7.00pm
Where: The Horse Hospital, Colonnade, London, WC1N 1HX Map
How Much: FREE
Scenes of a Sezual Nature Sex Education

'I love the fact that they cut out all the middle men' - Ewan McGregor

A unique one day course on how a film with a budget of only £260k attracted a-list actors and gained a nationwide release.

Learn how SCENES OF A SEXUAL NATURE was made for only £260K, yet starred amongst others Ewan McGregor and Catherine Tate. The raising of finance, attaching an A-list cast and shooting the entire 90 minute film, took less than six weeks. It became the 'most successful self-distributed release in the UK' (Screen International).

Please email or call 020 7240 6018 for full details,

Saturday 12th July
9.30am - 6.30pm
7 Denmark Street, WC2H 8LZ
COST: £150
(Raindance members get 10% discount)

Course led by Ed Blum, Producer and Director of Scenes of a Sexual Nature
The Dark Knight Alumni

The DARK KNIGHT is almost here.

Read the first review

"A wide screen just makes a bad film twice as bad."

Samuel Goldwyn
Working the Net

Got something? Need something? email


Who: Aaron Thomas Writer/Producer/Director (Fruit District films)
Where: London
Format: HD
Contact: Aaron Thomas
Previous Work: Our company has independently made 1 feature film (Me All Over), 3 music videos (Ronnie St Hill, Front Block and NSG and Gokil, Ms Kaz and Indie Fisher Live Performances) and the Hatfield festival 2007
What we need: Lighting Crew, Art Director, Gaffer and Grip for the first instalment of the DUMAR THE RISING trilogy. This is the story of Dumar, a successful City worker who is wrongly imprisoned for seeking the truth. Incarcerated for five long years, Dumar plots an escape from his captors and revenge.
Comments: Help Us To Make This One Of The Best Films Of 2009
Will, Elliot and Leonardo Competition

Well lots of you wanted that 11th Hour DVD.

Leonardo DiCaprio, who produced the film, popped along to the office to pick the winners and in doing so got talked into helping with the research for Elliot's new book, 'Man the Hunter...and Independent Filmmaking' (from left: Will, Elliot, Pauline, Leonardo DiCaprio).

The winners are: Miya Lasoye from London, Cliff Kimber from Somerset, Glenn Marshall from High Barnet, Asha Kaur from Oxford, Frances Bowen from Lancaster, Basil Stephens from London, Martin Davison from London, Richard Wood from Coventry, Sharron Ward from London and Sasha Andrews from Nottingham. Well done, someone will be in touch shortly.

The winner of the editing book from last week is Janet Smith from London.

Congratulario to you all.
* A Mickey Rooney

"a little creep" with a dolly, aptly named after the Judy Garland, show-saving sidekick.
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