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Fourth Of July

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04 July 2008


There's so much bad press about Independence Day and independent fillmaking these days, we thought we assemble some of the most popular and positive articles out there, to make sure none of us give up, or lay down and die, today of all days.

And they work no matter where you live in the world.


All that bad press
Lot's Written. And it is clear. It's true: The Sky Is Falling In. If you want the poop, smelly and sickening, click here. In storytelling terms, this would be called the Visit To Death. Sometimes it's good to see the corpses.

While you are at it, the ice is nearly gone from the North Pole. If it turns you on, you can look at it with the North Pole Web Cam. Be the first to know when there is no ice there this summer. (What I call depressing)

In case you aren't sure what an independent film, or filmmaker is, check out our A-Z of Independent Film.

Is it me, or is society getting worse? What about Hollywoods 4 Big Lies?

Anatomy of Story Writing
Lets dwell on some craft issues for a moment.

OK, for starters: The Script Format Guide to make sure its typed right, avoiding the first and mst basic reason to get your script rejected.

What's your idea? Lets run a quick IP checklist.

What about getting an agent? Is it important? It's nice to ahve an agent, we think, but not essential. There are four routes to getting an agent.

Aren't we jumping to conclusions about your script? Let's back up and look at the 9 Elements of Great Movies. Learn to craft award-winning scripts by Creating Character Web. And don't forget, why 3-Act Story Structure Will Kill You. Then there's the 10 Things Producers Must Know About Story, and Usually Don't. These four terrific articles written by John Truby, whose new book, Anatomy Of Story, is revolutionising the way story is looked at in Hollywood. You can buy it in America, Canada, France, Germany, Little Britain, and Japan.

Having a hard time coming up with a title for your action movie? Here is one of our favourites: The Action Title Starter Kit.

What of the really good scripts that didn't get made? They are published, list form, in an invaluable catalogue called The Black List.

BreakingIntoThe FilmIndustry Win This CD
Here's our screenwriting book: Raindance Writer's Lab. In 2001 this book came out in the same week as the publisher's marketing manager took sick leave, so it didnt get promoted with any fanfare. Still, it's sold over 10,000 copies, and had a lot of exceptionally positive reviews.

Here's a deal: read the book, and post a review on a reseller website like Barnes and Noble or Amazon, and send us the link We will send you this Audio CD worth £15.00 ($30.00) no matter where you ive in the world.

You can buy Raindance Writers Lab where ever you live: in America, Canada, France, Germany, Little Britain, and Japan.

Cinematic Motion Directing
We know that directing is the most glamourous job in the industry. But what are the four responsibilities of the director? And breaking in is tough as nails. Here are 9 routes to breaking in as a diirector.

Raindance's own Patrick Tucker has a pretty good grasp of single camera directing. He should have. He has director credits on over 400 hours of TV drama.
Here's his free article: Let's Hear It For Lego.
Here's his book. Anatomy of Screen Acting
You can buy it in the States, in Canada, In the UK and in Japan.

Want to try and take a short cut? Raindance festival programmer, Suzanne BAllantyne has built up some witty and clever observations over the past 15 years programming the Raindance Film Festival. She has written a tongue and cheek How To Fake Being An Indie Auteur.

Watch British director Shane Meadow's 60 Second Rant

LowToNo Producing

Here's the 10 thing producers should know about story and usually don't.

Making a short? We love shorts at Raindance. Here's the Raindance Guide to Making It With A Short Film In Europe

Here's one of our low budget shooting tip articles: SFX with Sugar Glass

Here are the Raindance money-saving guide to the 13 Steps To Post-Production

Are you interested in current trends to see if they spark new ideas for fresh, bold dynamic and interesting movies?
Here's a list of the the top trends to catch in 2008 including Facebook Suicide. Or how about this: Office Jargon Buster
But beware: this is where Videos Go To Die

Our book, Raindance Producer's Lab is filled with over 400 pages of down-home and honest-to-goodness practical advice on everything from idea to script to screen to career. Have a look at the Amazon nearest you. America, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, UK.


Are you planning on meeting with investors? Get the terms right:
Film Finance Terms A - C
Film Finance Terms D - F
Film Finance Terms G - M
Film Finance Terms N - R
Film Finance Terms S - Z

Do you need some money to get the script and your business plan in shape? If so, you need to know how to raise development money.

Learn about the 5 Key Benefits of the UK's Tax Scheme known as EIS

How to responsibly finance your film

Wouldn't you like to be able to contact top actors and directors for you movie? It sure makes it easier to get investment, if you do. Here's a nifty website that will help put you in touch with anyone and everyone. It's no longer free. Try it out. For a few pennies, it can change your llfe.

Be prepared for lots of rejection when you are raising money. Better learn How They Say No in the Film Business

Your turn now
What, in your opinion, are the ten most under-rated films of the past ten years?

Send us your list: The title, the director, and the reason you thought it fabulous, and a few lines about yourself. We will post it on our website, and link back to your page or blog.

Our email:

Oscy Selling
Maxing out the revenue for your film requires a careful game plan, and a lot of hard work.
First you will need a press kit. Here are the 7 basic elements of a press kit and prepare your distribution tools.
Second, you will need to attend film festivals. Here are two great sites you should use in order to research film festivals:, and
There are Four Reasons To Attend Film Festivals.
Third: Which are the 100 best film festivals to attend with a short film? How To Profit From Sundance and other film festivals.
Fourth: What about how to find a film sales agent?

RaindanceTV And what about the internet?
Can the Internet save independent film?

Here's a positive 'yes'
What's a platform?
Ten top sites to make money on the internet
How to market your films on the internet

All about our very own IPTV venture:

We did try to sell you some stuff, but listen - it's not what Raindance is about.

We're completely film crazy. If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas, articles, reviews or rants, let us know at

That would make us really happy.
Sincerely, and enjoy the 04th 07th 08th
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