Thursday, July 31, 2008

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the 31 July 2008 edition
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Shane Meadows
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Reading this should take no longer than reading about each of the 100+ Canadian Film Festivals and Distributors. (We have an office in Toronto, in case you wondered) And soon one in New York.
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What do you want?

Cheap film stock? Someone to read your script? A venue to shoot in for free?

If you're going to ask for something, you need to know how to do it.

Here's some advice
That Pesky Wabbit One Night Stand

Maverick Screenwriting is for those who see the world in a different way - who want to give their imaginations free rein, or who are just plain tired of naturalism.

Josh Golding's course will teach you how to play with time, fantasy and logic in the service of stories that change the way we look at the world. Do you want to make movies that cross cultural and national boundaries? Do you want to refresh and explode genres?

Maverick Screenwriting will give you the practical tools to craft original screenplays that break the mould. And if you're writing for the mainstream, you'll get plenty of ideas for giving your classic stories an original twist.

The first 10 Raindance members to sign up to this course will get it for £235 - that's 20% off.

The first 10 non-members will get a discount of 15%.

Maverick Screenwriting
Sept 20/21
Regular Price: £293.75
Early Bird Price: £235 members, £249.69 non-members

Book here or call 020 7287 3833
Somers Town 60-Second Rant

Shane Meadows on the birth of video.

And here's the trailer for his latest film, SOMERS TOWN, once again starring Thomas Turgoose, who stole the show, and a BIFA, for THIS IS ENGLAND.
ask elliot Ask Elliot

Dear Elliot

I just love spazzing the hours away on social networking sites. I spend all my waking days on the internet and believe my life is thusly more enriched and varied than those of others with more so-called 'go out' lifestyles.

One thing that would excite me more than any other is the existence of a Facebook page. Does one exist? Please let it be so.

Barry Trousers

Well Barry, you're in luck! Click here!
The Sound of Mosque Free Membership

Some good entries this week in our Bad Film competition.

One entry in particular was interesting, but disallowed, as the film, an exploitation horror flick involving S&M, human sacrifice and goat faces has in fact already been made. What made this entry interesting was that the sender claimed that the woman writhing around naked before being ritually slaughtered is now a "high-powered Whitehall mandarin...". Blimey.

So, this week's winner of our Bad Film competition is Justin Ward, with this belter:

A group of sixteen large middleaged women wearing full burqas travel to the world's least exotic locations performing a mime about their particularly esoteric branch of orthodox Islam. With particular emphasis on airport transfers, when they rehearse.

See the other entries

Send your Bad Film entry, along with your secrets of the film world, to
Best gets a year's free Raindance membership.
Pep Squad RDTV

Raindance.TV has newly launched three stirring feature length films, with comedy from three vastly different areas of the world.

Featured in the 13th Raindance Film Festival, Feedback is a fast-paced comedy with a black underbelly and a great soundtrack.

Next, travel to a small town high school in Kansas where Beth, a naïve senior student enlists some help to cover up the accidental shooting of a hated high school principal. The plan would work smoothly, except it is prom season - and Prom Queen is a title worth killing for. Pep Squad won two awards at the B Movie Film Festival including Best Screenplay and Best Supporting Actress.

The last film will require a brain vacation to Belgrade, Serbia where chaos has just ended and peace has descended over the city. Watch as these lively, shady characters discover ways to keep occupied. Boomerang is a high-speed dark comedy that is a slice-of-life served with plenty of laughs and a dash of bite.

Smooth Negotiating

People are always asking us what budgeting software to use.

While Movie Magic is the most common, it is far from your only choice.

Check out our list here.

We've added a whole bunch of scripts to the members area, and more will be added soon.

There's also a a book to be won - Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke, by Rob Long, an inside look at the ludicrous world of Hollywood and tv production.

Login here
Robocop Elsewhere

He screamed like a girl and kicked the zombie right in the knackers - film-related tales over on

In the footsteps of the Dark Knight or load of old copswallop?

Burton finds his Alice
La Antena La Antena Returns To The ICA

Described as 'Unmissable' (Empire), 'breathtaking in its audacity and imagination' (Sight and Sound) and 'a tour de force' (Observer), LA ANTENA returns to the ICA for another week from this friday.

Now there is another chance to see this remarkable fantasy from Argentina, fashioned as a silent film (it's set in a city whose inhabitants cannot speak) and full of handmade expressionist special-effects and animated subtitles that give the film the look of a black-and-white illustrated pop-up book.

The story tells of a group of free-thinking rebels fighting back against the evil Mr TV, who controls the populace via his hypnotic television broadcasts.

Lovers of Tim Burton, Guy Maddin, Terry Gilliam and cinema's early experimenters won't want to miss this ingenious flight of fancy.

Click here for information on times and booking.

"I passionately hate the idea of being with it; I think an artist has always to be out of step with his time."

Orson Welles

in the silent era, this referred to a film lasting a little over 20 minutes
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