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Got a short or feature for the festival? You had better get it in the post and postmarked tomorrow, because that is it. Final deadline.
Son of Rambow Indie Tip

When you're making an indie film, you're always looking for ways to save money. And if you're smart the first and foremost place to do that is in the script.

So says John Truby, and he speaks the truth.

Read more here
city of vice One Night Stand

TV bosses are crying out for good quality programmes. All that space can't be filled entirely with crap, they need a few golden nuggets to stick on the CV.

Our new course will help you to become a great tv scriptwriter.

The Raindance TV Writer's Lab will enable writers to develop a strong individual style, and within a small group environment, formulate a coherent system for taking an original idea and turning it into a strong first draft.

By the end of the course each student will have a proposal or treatment for their television drama idea. (This can be an idea for a series, serial, single drama, two-parter, etc).

The tutor of this course, which takes place over seven evenings, is Clive Bradley. Clive is a BAFTA-winning writer and has written extensively for television, most recently as the lead writer for City of Vice (Channel 4).

Clive is an old friend of Raindance and I'm sure would be happy to answer any questions you may have. So send them in to and we'll have the answers next week.

TV Writer's Lab
Starts 9 July
Central London
£165+VAT (15% off for members)
Raindance TV - the filmmaker's IPTV service

We have just added a bunch of new shorts onto so make sure to check them out. A few favourites are Shiner, The Apologist, and Benny.

Shiner is the story of an obsessive-compulsive hoarder who is in the tail end of his life.

The Apologist focuses on a man who says 'I'm sorry' without knowing what the words mean anymore. This comes to a halt when he meets a woman who won't accept his flippant apology.

Benny is one man's simmering account of lost comrades.

If people are moaning now, they aren't really filmmakers

A brand new 60 second interview with Shane Meadows on
Mouth to Mouth SALE!

Our friends over at indie distributor Dogwoof are offering a massive sale on their catalogue of DVD titles to celebrate the summer and their four brand new titles.

So you are spoilt for choice - either pick up copies of new releases MOUTH TO MOUTH (starring Ellen Page), the incredible documentary THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK, festival favourite from last year BUNNY CHOW, or the achingly hip FOUR EYED MONSTERS (complete with incredible CD soundtrack), for only £9.99, or ANY of their old catalogue, including award-winning titles such as BLACK GOLD, FATELESS and MAN PUSH CART, for only a fiver!

The sale goes on until the end of the month, so why not add some quality to your DVD collection!

Click here to start buying!
Movie Quote Countdown

A Hundred Films, counting down in reverse order. 9 1/2 minutes and totally worth it

Click here to watch it
Nice To Hear You're Spreading the Word...

Dear Michael,

Whilst you may not know my name, I have been a Screen International subscriber for more than 5 years and have been recommending regular reading of your publication to many students in workshops and courses across the world.

Your investigation into the UK festival landscape in your last issue (This Summers New Destination) is both timely and relevant. However, I was very disappointed not to find any mention of the Raindance Film Festival anywhere throughout the article's two pages.

For 15 years, Raindance has been addressing the issues you raise in your article. The festival has opened the UK market to many risk-taking and truly independent films from The Blair Witch Project (1999) to last year's Antena.

It dares to give original UK filmmakers a platform when no one else does (such as Mike Figgis and Chris Nolan). Most importantly, in a film industry that appears inaccessible to everybody who is not part of a pre-approved UKFC private member's club, Raindance inspires original voices from a great variety of backgrounds.

Hence I think it would be adequate to include their work in any future articles on UK film festivals.

Best Wishes

Carl Schoenfeld
Film Production, Support & Training
T: (44) 20 - 8838 2566
M: (44) 797 - 475 3838
Freelances' Fair

Bectu's Writers Producers Directors Branch will be holding its third Freelances' Fair at Bafta in London Piccadilly from 10am on June 27.

If you want to come, please go to, click on the Freelances' Fair 2008 button and complete the form.

There will be a mix of seminars, including Raindance's Elliot Grove and MTV's VP of Digital Media Philip Bourchier O'Ferrall, speaking on Exploiting The Digital Future: what are the opportunities, and ways to make money. There will also be a seminar on how to direct actors in which director Anna Campion will put a couple of actors through their paces.

There will be several other seminars, including a pitching event, two workshops and a wide variety of industry-related stalls, such as ProductionBase, Skillset and Sony.
Zombies! Is George Romero a Visionary?

Who'd have thought that the Zombie-pedlars were on to something?

Click here for a terrifying vision of the future.


"And if the suffering of children goes to swell the sum of suffering necessary to pay for the truth then I protest that the truth is not worth such a price."

Working the Net


I'm looking for a male person over 20 years old to be in some NHS virals. It's a comedy campaign about how antibiotics are not always the best thing to take for a cold. It features a Zippy style puppet in the shape of a pill annoying a guy who's ill. The tagline is 'Antibiotics won't help you when you've got a cold'

The shoot will be this Thurs 19th and Fri 20th June. It's 9am-6pm both days but we might give a later call time to the talent while we set up. It would be just hands and feet really as a face is not required to be in it. We are not being paid for this job (.....) but we can pay a megre £100 per day to anyone willing to do it. Plus they get to hang out with us and we are ace. Anyone know anyone who'd fancy the attention and free Pret sandwich?

Ali Taylor 44 (0)7949135573


MICHAEL WIESE - filmmaker and publisher of fabulous film books - will show his new film, THE SACRED SITES OF THE DALAI LAMAS in London on July 24 as a benefit for the Tibet Foundation. He will be present for a Q&A after the screening. Call 020 7930 6001 or check their website for the venue.

The fascinating magical journey takes us to a place where all the Dalai Lamas have had prophetic visions, monasteries of great learning, and caves where masters such as Milarepa meditated and gained enlightenment. Proceeds go to help the cause in Tibet.


The big Screenwriters Festival starts soon: July 1 - 4 in Cheltenham. It's not that geeky and they have some great guests lined up. Check it out here.


Hi, Elliot. Hope you're well. I've got the first draft of a script done and a 30 minute TV spec script and I'm now tackling a 90-minute horror movie that I feel has got a good chance of actually being made.

You might enjoy this link: it's for a movie funded and made through MySpace. Sure you've seen it already.

Hope you're well, keep your head down. Cheers, Jonathan


Friday 20th June OTTfilms are having a Summer Screening and Networking event at the Rich Mix arts and cinema complex, 35 -47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA in the café bar and screen at 7pm. For directions and nearest transport

OTTfilms is a collaborative group of filmmakers sharing time, talent and equipment to help each other make films.

We'd like to invite all filmmakers and film enthusiasts to come along and watch some of our films, see what we're about, have a drink and network with the filmmakers present. It's open house so feel free to bring your filmmaking friends and guests along. You can let us know you're coming by emailing or just turn up on the night.

The event is FREE to attend. We hope to see you there!


You have something to say? It's pretty easy: Type it up and send it here
FCP book Competition

We have a book to give away this week. It's called The Filmmaker's Guide To Final Cut Pro Workflow. Editing's not really my bag, so I don't know if it's any good or not, or what Final Cut Pro Workflow even means.

Anyway, if you want it, email with the answer to this question:

What did we show at Film Club last night? (If you need help, the answer's on our website somewhere.)
An instantaneous cut from one action to another, at first seemingly unrelated, action. Jump cuts will usually call attention to themselves because of the abrupt change in time and/or place.
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