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"Bin Laden is the only one who knows exactly what
I'm going through" - R Kelly

“I strive to resemble Frank Sinatra” - P Diddy
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* Brianwatch: McFadden on your radio
* Ronaldo's secret weapon
* Charts: Coldplay are number one

>> Female Grieveance <<
Tory bigwig is down with equality

Patronised lawyer writes:
“A couple of years ago at a posh event to
mark the opening of the legal year in London,
new Tory Shadow Home Secretary Dominic Grieve
came up to me and my two female friends. We're
all solicitors, with 10 university degrees from
three different countries between us. He said
to us 'It's so lovely to think that lawyers
are bringing their secretaries with them
nowadays to these events.' Let's hope he's
changed a bit since then.

James Dean Bradfield spotted today in Tesco,
Cardiff Bay, looking thinner and buying two newspapers
(including) the Western Mail and a packet of Marlboros.

>> Brianwatch <<
McFadden the DeeJay

This week on Brian McFadden's breakfast
radio show - the teething troubles are over
and some listeners think he's pretty good.

His best story? That he'd been talking to
his five year old daughter who told him
has a boyfriend and plans to snog him.

"She doesn't get that from me” he added
“It's from her mother.”

Boo! Shoot magazine is about to close after 40 years.

>> Celebrity Parasites<<
Do you need a Sleep-Watcher?

“I'm ready for bed now!” calls Mariah, and
someone from her team has to go and sit
with her while she goes to sleep. Mariah
Carey hates going to sleep without the
security of someone watching over her.

Maybe this is the reason she married that
kids TV presenter, and it wasn't just that
that she was diverting attention away from
Madonna's US album release after all.

Remember Elizabeth Hurley's description of non-famous
people as “civilians”? Gwyneth Paltrow's uses a more
amusing version - “pedestrians”.

>> Big Questions <<
What people are asking this week

One couple have been splitting up and getting
back together but what could have been
the reason for their split? One London
hotel manager says it might have something
to do with the man's love of rent boys. He likes
to entertain pairs of them in his suite.

After his vote of confidence from FIA, we hear from
F1 world that Max Mosley might be getting another
boost: a win against NOTW on his privacy case.

>> The secret of his success <<
Is toe lump Ronaldo's secret weapon?

Cristiano Ronaldo has a weirdly huge lump or
callous on the big toe of his right foot. It's
very hard, and right on top of the toe. So,
is this the secret of his super-powerful shot
and extra swerve?

(FYI: A source in Real Madrid claims that Ronaldo
agreed to join them back in January this year.)

Fred Turner is McDonald's Honorary Chairman. His wife
is called Patty...Patty Turner.

>> Fallen hero <<
Sean Connery takes a tumble

Sean Connery recently flew from New York to
Edinburgh. A fellow passenger told us he
looked old and gaunt, and was nursing what
looked like a broken arm. Yet, even though he
obviously just wanted to suffer his injury
in silence, he was polite to all the American
children who wanted to meet James Bond. When
asked what he'd done he just said simply, “I fell”.

“Hello Northampton!” Kiss' recent UK tour gigs were
being recorded for a live CD, yet almost every day
Paul Stanley managed to get the place name wrong

>> Cold-hearted at Coldplay <<
German fan fails to melt door-Nazis hearts

Among the guests going into the VIP entrance
for Coldplay at Brixton Academy was a small
German man. When he was asked if he was on
the list he confessed he wasn't. He told the
door staff that he had the same name as Chris
Martin, then produced his driving license to
prove it, so because of that coincidence,
could he come in? Sadly the spoilsport
door staff weren't sure this was enough.

Those VIPs who made it through included:

* Kelly Osborne “looking miserable,
saying 'fuck' to herself".
* James Corden (Gavin and Stacey), sweating
profusely,singing along to Yellow
with clenched fists.
* Annie Mac, who left after the third song.
* Jonah Hill from Knocked Up looking “bored
and sweaty”.

Overheard at TV Centre, just before Coldplay's
BBC2 gig, newsreader George Alagiah, "I've just
bought their new album and I'm rather enjoying it."

>> Straight up <<
Bible-basher aids Gordon Brown

Last week House of Commons passed the bill to
allow the Government to detain people without
charge for 42 days, with the help of the
Democratic Unionist Party. One of those MPs
voting with the government was Iris Robinson.
She thinks homosexuality “is an abomination”,
and employs someone to help gays turn straight.
Nice friend for Labour to have. Listen to
the lovely lady here:

FYI: Jim Corr is against the Lisbon Treaty. He
believes in the New World Order, Illuminati,
big lizards who rule us etc

Bros were big fans of 2000AD.

>> Popbitch 2nd Annual Cricket Day <<
19th July, Kent, The Ten10 cup is back!

We're raising money for a cancer hospital
with an all day ten10 contest (half the time
of twenty20 but twice the fun) Plus bands,
booze, food, face painting, transport from
London, other stuff.

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Models piss and puke on the catwalk...

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Petting zoo, pandas, cloacal kiss

London's best art exhibition. Awesome pandas
(and if anyone wants to buy popbitch one,
can we have “Surely this gun has nothing to
do with Lincoln?” please:

Why are we sometimes surprised by what we see?

It's all about the cloacal kiss:

Headline of the week: “Petting zoo
horror story”:

How much work do you want to get done?
Cool logic puzzles: -

How to nap:

Following the petition to keep outdoor
drinking in Soho, Westminster Council say
they have “no plans to ban outside drinking in
Soho. These are ridiculous rumours that
are totally inaccurate and wholly misleading."

>> Chart Predictions <<
New entries/High climbers Sun 22nd June

++ Number One

++ Top Twenty

>> End Bit <<
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