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Dino Risi
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12 June edition
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Midnight Kiss What's new

This week sees the hotly anticipated release of IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS, an indie comedy that screened at Raindance last year. You may have seen the posters plastered all over the London Underground - this film is destined to be huge. Midnight Kiss was purchased by Vertigo Films last year following our screening, and we're so excited to see it enjoy a major theatrical release. More and more films that screened at Raindance are getting theatrical releases, showing that it's worth submitting if you happen to have a finished feature up your sleeve.
What's also amazing about IN SEARCH OF A MIDNIGHT KISS is that they made it for less than 15 grand.

Find out more on how to make films on a micro-budget
Shards Low Budget Shooting Tip - Break Glass Cheap

One of the best ways to add production values is to have glass breaking on your set.

You need to know how to make it, and how to use it safely.

Want to know more? Click here.

Get the complete low-down at the weekend class:
Low Budget SFX
Sat/Sun 19/20 July
Smooth Negotiating

If you want to get actors for your film - why not do it properly?

Television RDTV

Why not just laugh a little? At we have comedic shorts and features for you to check out!

If you have just a minute to spare, how about watching Devil Doll on Joost? The story is about two girls who find a talking doll on the beach.

If you have a bit longer to watch how about The Postman on Vuze? It's a dark comedy about bizarre events on a summer's day in the English countryside.

If you are in the mood for a little comedic romance, then check out Flip a Coin on BlinkBox. Flip a Coin focuses on two friends and their game-playing ways with women. When the right woman comes along, what lengths will the boys go to win?
Pitching Skills Workshop

If you want to know how to shake money out of a tree, or to get someone to read your script - you need to know how to pitch.

Here's your chance to develop and hone your pitching skills with the pitch-maestro himself, Elliot Grove

What? Pitching Skills Workshop
When? Tuesday 2 July 6:30 - 9pm
Where? Arts Theatre - just off Leicester Square
How Much? £30 (members of Raindance - £25.50)

Call 0207 287 3833, or Book Online Here
Blitzkreig Raindance Film Club presents

Join us for the film that brought the craziest guys in Japan over to Raindance last year. We proudly present the most outrageously fucked-up, yet hilarious hundred minutes of cinema you'll experience this month. Not at all for the faint hearted, though those who embrace its decadent charms will find much to enjoy.

Look at what we wrote about it at this past years festival here:

Ramones fanatic Kakuei Shimada's mad-cap Japanese gangster flick is a concoction of outrageous and surreal humour blended with a twisted, unpredictable plotline. Shimada's quirkiness excels through his slapstick style dotted with philosophical moments amongst the mayhem. With the odd cult culture references to bands, films and comics popping up on the way, it's obvious where his influences stem from. Just like wasabe, it's a hot kick on the palate, but you like it.

Taking place at The Horse Hospital, Colonnade (just behind Russell Square Tube station), WC1N 1HX on Wednesday 18th June at 7pm.

Please RSVP for this event. Guests welcome. For more information visit or email
deadlineLast Few Days!

Don't miss out!

Final, final, final deadline!

Only eight more days to get your submission in for the 16th Raindance Film Festival!

Friday June 20!

Submit your film here
Toby Young Alumni

Raindance alumnus Toby Young recently became the unlikely success story of British cinema. His account of working at American magazine, Vanity Fair, called HOW TO LOSE FRIENDS AND ALIENATE PEOPLE, was adapted to the big screen and launched in Cannes. He has also just received a release date for his movie of October 3, 2008.
Latest Remake Trends

You've all seen how Hollywood takes successful indie films and remakes them as schlockbusters, but what about this? The Royal Opera House remaking Hollywood movies as - well - an opera?

Get the scoop here.
Short on Shooters

Blimey, Bruce Weber's Film about Chet Baker, LET'S GET LOST, is everywhere. I can't turn a corner without seeing Chet's gnarly kicked-about gob in front of me.

Anyway, the film got a great reception when we showed it at Film Club, as did Weber's latest short, WINE AND CUPCAKES.

If you didn't see it at Film Club, those lovely people at Shooting People are exclusively hosting the short on their site.

You can check it out here
DVD Quoted

"All of the true things that I am about to tell you are shameless lies"

- Kurt Vonnegut
Moby Dick Ooh, Maybe

Ever wanted to make a music video for techno-munchkin Moby?

Ok then, ever wanted to win $10 000?

Moby has announced details of a global $10,000 video competition on

Directors are invited to submit their films for the track Ooh Yeah and the winner, chosen by Moby, will win the $10,000 prize money and have their video used as the official music video for Ooh Yeah from Moby's latest album, Last Night.
Working the Net


Actor Available

5' 10 - Black hair - Brown eyes - 19 Years old - Chinese / Egyptian decent.

In my first year of college I studied a BTEC First in Performing arts & came away with a Distinction (A*).

In my second & third years at college I took a BTEC National Diploma course & came away with a triple Distinction (3 A*).

At college my director was Phil Young, a successful theatre director who taught me for 3 years & helped harness my talent for acting.

I am looking to become a professional actor & would love to work in independent films as I have a great passion and admiration for them.

I am looking for any work, no matter how big or small.

I am a versatile actor, easy to work with & always professional

Jamal Chong
BreakingIntoThe FilmIndustry Win a Raindance Audio Course

Forward this email to 5 filmmaking friends and through the miracles of digital technologuy - we will see you have done this.

And we will mail you the old fashioned way the CD Breaking Into the Film Industry, selling for £14.99. Where ever you live!

Interested? To get forwarding, click here.
* Walla AKA: Rhubarb

Background conversation.

Historically, when a script called for "crowd unrest" or "murmuring", the extras would be required to mumble the word "rhubarb", as this produced the required effect.
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