Thursday, April 10, 2008

Harvey Dent news

A lot of things in a campaign look differently from the inside. Take the current media wildfire. Now, there's not a shred of evidence linking Harvey Dent to any questionable behavior. But the media is creating such a ruckus that from the outside, it's impossible to see anything else.

Well, I can tell all of you that the Dent campaign is still going strong. We're still committed to bringing Harvey Dent's message of change to every corner of this city.

Harvey Dent is not letting the smear campaign impact our campaign. He's continuing to do what a candidate does -- and he's continuing to lead the charge against the corruption that's destroying our city.

So rest assured -- this campaign is not over. Indeed, it has hardly begun. We WILL take Gotham back.

Allan Cypes
Media Manager, Dent for DA

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