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Bad Story

Get Rid of Bad Story Structure
Once and for All

Raindance presents:
22 Step Story Structure
Sat/Sun 5/6 April 9:30 - 6pm


I'm Elliot Grove, and I am writing you because I passionately believe that there is much misinformation about screenplay story strucuture that is misleading and wrong.

I have decided to bring John Truby to London in April.

John has taught advanced story structure to over 20,000 people worldwide and has been story consultant on over 1000 scripts. He's seen all the story problems and knows how to fix them. That's why he created
22 Step Story Structure and Understanding Genre.

I want to bring his screenwriting classes that would show you the hundreds of story techniques he knows while you're writing.

And I am returning to Raindance on Saturday/Sunday 5/6 April (22 Step Story Structure) and Monday/Tuesday 7/8 April (Understandanding Genre).

Funny Nacho Libre Pic Step-by-step to Great Story Structure

1. 22 Step Story Structure shows you the 'gold' of your idea and which genre forms are best for expressing it.

2. Character Web, World, and Arc techniques help you create complex characters that grow over the course of the story and move the reader.

Click here for a free article on Creating Character Web by John Truby

3. The 22 Building Blocks of every great story, gives you a surprising plot that builds steadily from beginning to end.

4. 22 Step Story Structure shows you the right structural order for your scenes, and lets you figure out the ideal sequence in a fraction of the time.

5. Rewrite shows you the deep structural weaknesses that are likely to be in your script and takes you through the ideal order for fixing them.

What: 22 Step Story Structure
Saturday/Sunday 5/6 April 9:30 - 6pm
University of Westminster, London, near tubes Goodge St or Oxford Circus
How Much?
£250 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount. Click here to find out more.

Call 0207 287 3833 to register or Book Online Here

Why 3 - Act Will Kill Your Writing

The so-called 3-act structure is the biggest, most destructive myth ever foisted on writers. I would like to call it obsolete. but that implies that it worked in the first place.

It didn't.

Let John Truby explain why.

Click here for his article on 3 Act structure

First Feature Understanding the Tool of Genre

The first rule of professional writing is: the entertainment industry buys and sells genres.

Genres are story types, and business has learned that you reach the greatest audience by taking a few of the most popular story types and constantly reworking them in new and creative ways.

The strategy for writers is clear: to succeed, you have to specialize in two or three of these popular forms and write something original.

The Understanding Genre class offers in-depth, professional- level information in the most popular genres in the world. Once you have learned the techniques found in my flagship 22 Step Story Structure class learn more about genre for the kind of writing you want to do.

This way, you're writing from strength, and you're writing the kinds of scripts the entertainment industry wants to buy.

What: Understanding Genre
Mon/Tues 7/8 April 6:30 - 10pm
University of Westminster, London, near tubes Goodge St or Oxford Circus
How Much?
£145 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount. Click here to find out more.

Call 0207 287 3833 to regisister or Book Online Here

13 Most Popular Genres

Here they are: Action, Comedy, Crime, Detective, Fantasy, Horror, Love, Masterpiece, Myth, Science Fiction Thriller and TV Drama.

Having trouble picking your genre?
John Truby has devised a simple and entertaining quiz to assist you.

Click here to take the quiz and find your genre.

Moral Storytelling and Hollywood

This year's Oscar script nominations demonstrated in the clearest possible terms how successful movies are now focusing on stories that change peoples lives.

John Truby has written extensively about this.

Click here to read his article: Moral Storytelling

Click here to read his analysis of this year's nominated screenplays.

DVD Over 160 Script Breakdowns

Can you afford to be without these useful script breakdowns of over 160 screenplays by John Truby.

Learn more. . .

The common complaint amongst producers is NOT raising the money. Tough as it is, it is possible to get money for filmmaking.

The most common complaint is 'Where are all the great scripts?'

Here's our chance to do something about that!
Happy screenwriting!
Elliot Grove
Raindance Festivals Limited
The Raindance Guarantee
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