Thursday, June 28, 2007

My 100 films

Here are my Top 100 films.
I decided to slap them all together to save space and annoy you.

2001 : A Space Odyssey A Clockwork Orange A Fish Called Wanda Abigail's Party Airplane ! Alien Annie Hall Being John Malchovich Black Naricussus Blade Runner Blow Up Bonnie And Cylde Borat : Cultural Learnings Bottle Rocket Boyz N The Hood Brazil Brewster's Millions Bringing Up Baby Casablanca Children Of Men Chinatown Citizen Kane City Of God Clockwise Coming To America Die Hard Do The Right Thing Dog Day Afternoon Double Inemdnity Dr. Strangelove Duck Soup E.T. : The Extra Terrsiatl Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind Fargo Ferris Bueller's Day Off Ghostbusters Glengary Glen Ross Goodfellas Heathers His Girl Friday It's A Wonderful Life Kind Hearts And Coronets Labythith Leon Life Is Sweet Life Of Brian Little Miss Sunshine Little Shop Of Horrors Lost In Translation M*A*S*H* Manhattan Midnight Cowboy Modern Times Network North By Northwest Office Space Oldboy Platoon Psycho Pulp Fiction Punch Drunk Love Raging Bull Rear Window Seven Samuri Singin' In The Rain Some Like It Hot Spirited Away Star Wars Stir Crazy Strangers On A Train Superman II Taxi Driver The Apartment The Big Lebowski The Birds The Converstion The Exorcist The Fisher King The Godfather : Part 2 The Goonies The Graduate The Jerk The Ladykillers The Lavedner Hill Mob The Man With The Two Brains The Producers The Rescuers The Royal Tenenbaums The Shining The Third Man The Wild Bunch The Wizard Of Oz This Is Spinal Tap To Kill A Mockingbird Tootise Toy Story Trading Places Trainspotting Vertigo When Harry Met Sally

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