Wednesday, September 17, 2008


No Heroics: not just a comedy about superheroes in a
pub but the first ITV show ever to feature Brian
Eno's Needle In The Camel's Eye, from Here Come
The Warm Jets. Thursday (tonight), 10.30pm, ITV2.

"You talk about countries which get together as gangs
- you know like the G8 summit. Some people might
look at that as a gang, getting together." - Ice Cube

"What's wrong with a miniskirt? You can cause an
accident because some of our people are weak
mentally," - Nsaba Buturo, Uganda's Minister for
Ethics and Integrity.
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* Pigs in Space: celebrity flyers
* Double Kevin mayhem!
* Charts: Kings of Leon are still number one

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2. Plastic Little - Brooklyn
3. Pnau - Embrace

Peter Andre says he's recording an album off his
own back without the help of a record label. (Which
used to be called "not having a deal".)

>> Hitting Hamilton <<>> Joseph Jones << "I close my ears, drew back the curtain" etc Blue Peter favourite, turned Strictly Come Dancing granny pin-up, Gethin Jones is taking to the stage. He's joining the cast of "Joseph And His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat in the lead role. Gethin may have a little work to do to convince the rest of the cast he's not just there to bring his TV fans in. His first rehearsal was described by a cast member as "So flat it had canals." ------------------------------------------------------ Kate Middleton's lawyers have written to newspapers protesting at paparazzi behaviour towards her after the charity roller skating event she organised. (Note to Kate, perhaps not inviting press to photograph you in hotpants and leg-warmers might help, love). ------------------------------------------------------ >> Motown mania << href="" target="_blank">

Press release of the week: "Faye Tozer Steps Into The
Shoes Of Eva Cassidy". Faye will be touring Britain
for three months starring as the dead singer.

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Much touted band The Script's lead singer
used to be in Mytown. Party all night!

It's almost Peace Day. If anyone other than
al-Qaeda wanted to know where to find Jude Law,
Bryan Adams and David Bentley in the same place
all the info is here. (It's a good cause really)

Paul Draper from Mansun likes listening
to Mansun:

Candidates bling up dead soldier style: according
to the New Yorker, Barack Obama wears a bracelet given
to him by the mother of a soldier killed in Iraq, as
does John McCain. McCain, however, mentions that his
bracelet belonged to an "Iraq veteran who was killed"
- every time he makes an appearance before a
veteran group.

One for fans of Extreme:

Stock market crashes, bankers suicidal, it
must be the 80s... time to think about
drinking Malibu:

Harrods are running a British original comic book
artwork exhibition from now until the end of October.
Original artboard pages from Watchmen, Tamara Drewe,
Tank Girl, Jackie, Killing Joke, Oor Wullie, V For
Vendetta, etc. (Entrance via Door 5, Lower Ground
Floor. Ask a startled security guard where all the
comics people are, he or she will show you.)

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Old Philosophers Jokes Home:
A Freudian, a Jungian, and a Lacanian walk into a bar.
The Freudian orders a cigar. The Jungian orders an
Etruscan mask to conceal his face. "You cretins!"
says the Lacanian. He then orders a beer, which,
however, he does not desire.

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