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42 Below Vodka has given Lift Off to Friday
afternoons in offices around London this Summer.
It's back on 26th September to make cocktails for
Popbitch readers but in the meantime, buy 42 Below
here: and get someone to
make you one of these:

"I want to give a shout out to all my Saudi Arabian
brothers and sisters and all my brothers and sisters
from all the countries that have oil, if you could
all please send me some oil for my jet I would
truly appreciate it." - P Diddy
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* Rio: not the worst Ferdinand
* Name that Olympian!
* Charts: Katy Perry is still number one

>> Nice guy Shia <<
He's a drunk, but a nice drunk

Shia LeBoeuf is the subject of much media
hand-ringing about a supposed James Dean-
style death wish and alcohol addiction. Shia
may be out of control but it looks like this
movie star is that rare beast who hasn't
lost his manners or sense of loyalty on his
way up. The gossip around Hollywood is that his
new movie Eagle Eye isn't very good. And
that Shia knew this when he signed on. But he
attached himself to the project to help
out the director, who had previously
directed him in Disturbia, one of the movies
that helped LeBoeuf become such a bankable star.

Niche celeb spotting: for fans of both Kylie and
Frank Lampard, the place to stalk them is Sophie's
Steak House, Fulham Road.

>> Jordan's hero <<
Rio: not the worst Ferdinand

One premiership player enjoying a transfer
this summer is Anton Ferdinand. Sunderland
have got themselves a gem. When asked last
year by the West Ham programme to name his
most treasured possession, Anton Ferdinand
identified "The picture that Michael Jordan
signed saying it was a privilege to meet me."

Chris Moyles has bought Les Dennis' house.

>> Big Questions <<
What people are asking this week

Which radio exec on an Olympics freebie
annoyed the rest of his party with his
diva behaviour? The party got their own back
though with the knowledge that his diarrhoea
wasn't just verbal. They all chuckled at the
news that the shouty shortarse failed to get
out of bed in time during one urgent dash to
the loo, and ended up shitting all over his
five-star hotel room.

Nobu is opening a branch in Tel Aviv this Winter.
Outside Moscow and London it's where Russian
money is being spent these days.

>> How the other half live <<
Russian oligarch schooldays

Some of London's richest children go to the
Garden House School. None are richer than
Roman Abramovich's daughter. Yet Abramovitch Jnr
may not have such a fun life. Her father's
security worries mean that she doesn't get
to go on all the same play dates or after-school
activities as the other kids, but is whisked
away by bodyguards. Dad tried to persuade
the school to let him send in a bodyguard
to the classroom but, weirdly, they thought
it was more appropriate that the bodyguards
waited outside. Having more fun than
Mini-Abramovitch is her schoolmate Tamara
Mellon's daughter. She has specially made
Jimmy Choo heels from her mum's company.
The daughter's age? Six.

Simon Callow goes to Bannatynes gym in Edinburgh.
He "makes really loud grunting noises and has calves
the size of watermelons", we're told.

>> Name that Olympian <<
Popbitch's best named sports stars

You emailed: here are the results.
Favourite named Olympians 2008:

Second runner up:
Canada's baseball player : Stubby Clapp

Runner up:
Germany's Fanny Fischer, Flatwater Kayaking.

Australian softballer - Natalie Titcume.

Chesneywatch: In this month's "Southport, Liverpool,
Wirral Chester- Life Style Monthly" magazine,
Chesney reveals he runs a songwriting retreat in
Iceland, which is his "spiritual home".

>> Going for gold <<
Some medallists are more equal than others

Much was made of BA's gold-nosed 747 and five-star
treatment of our Olympic athletes. The reality was
a little different. Only the top medallists were
flown back in first class - the majority were
shipped in economy. On the outbound flights, all
of the team were ferried out in economy. And
perhaps the biggest irony is that BA's policies
prevent them from carrying sporting goods such
as javelins, vaulting poles, canoes etc.

Right Said Fred's Fairbrass brothers are currently
working out in a gym in Fulham, always wearing
matching white tops.

>> Caucasus conundrums <<
What's going down in Abkhazia

On a recent visit to Russia we heard an
interesting theory about Russia and Georgia.
While this month's war blew up in South
Ossetia, it is the region of Abkhazia where the
most troublesome Russian interference had
been occurring. Abkhazia is next to the
Russian resort of Sochi where, of course,
the 2014 Winter Olympics are taking place.
Russia needs huge amounts of raw materials
to build and supply Sochi stadiums. Abkhazia
is full of the necessary raw materials.
So Russia has been sucking up to the Abkhaz
leaders to get a foot in the door. Plus - and
even more important - Russians want to get
in there now and buy up Abkhazia land as
prices in the whole area will rocket
post-Olympics. It's all about the roubles,
then, after all.

FYI: Last October we reported that Georgia's
government hired Boney M to play a peace gig in
Tskhinvali. South Ossetians are obviously not
fans of Brown Girl In The Ring.

Real UGG boots from £94 with FREE delivery!
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>> Recognisable brand <<
Russell gets into Aussie Rules

Lauren writes:
"I was at an AFL match in Melbourne a couple of
weeks ago and ran into Russell Brand at the bar.
He was there with Teresa Palmer and her parents.
I told him he was a bogan for supporting Port
Adelaide (he was wearing a Port Adelaide scarf.)
He didnt know what a bogan was. I told him a
bogan is like a chav. Then Teresa's mum came
over and started having a go at me for saying
they were bogans. She held out her jacket,
and asked me to stroke it saying "See, feel
this, this isnt bogan." Russell was happy to
pose for a photo and said that I was the first
person who had recognised him in Australia.
Teresa was lovely too. Shame about the mother."

Spotted in a bar in Phnom Penh - Matt Dillon. He was
approached by an American girl who said, "I''m sorry
to disturb you... but aren't you Matt Damon?"

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Philippines, Lagerfeld, Margi Clarke

Credit crunch? Whatever. Here's what you should
be buying and wearing this season.

Ping Pong is coming home at
Loads of tees 9.99:

Karl Lagerfeld teddy bear:

Want to be Gazza's friend?

A new ballot system for elections is being tested
on Mindanao, Philippines. A fake election was
held between Pierce Brosnan, Leo DiCaprio, Kevin
Costner, Harrison Ford and Sharon Stone. The
winner was Pierce Brosnan, thanks to Remington
Steele reruns still being popular.

Cornwall's best floatation centre - one hour
in a flotation tank is like eight hours sleep:

Everything you ever wanted to know about cat food:

Remember Margi Clarke? She makes holistic
skin care products now:

Band who only sing about pandas:

Brilliantly named festival starts today
in Beirut...Big Bang.

Moby reports from the Democratic convention:

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>> Chart Predictions <<
New entries/High climbers Sun 31st August

++ Number One
KATY PERRY I Kissed A Girl

++ Top Ten
GLASVEGAS Daddy's Gone

++ Top Twenty
METALLICA The Day That Never Comes
LITTLE JACKIE The World Should Revolve Around Me

++ Top Forty

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