Thursday, July 17, 2008

Who ?

Advertisement feature; ‘Guess Who’ game now available on Blue-tooth

The popular board game, ‘Guess Who’ in which players attempt to identify mystery characters by a process of deduction has been updated for the digital age! Now it can be played by anyone, wherever they are; on the move, at work, out with friends; all you need is a standard mobile phone with Blue-tooth connectivity.

‘It’s great…’ said 45 year old businessman, Bryan Cruddock. ‘I was sitting opposite this gorgeous girl on a busy train carriage, and she was fiddling with her mobile phone, so I sent her a message via Bluetooth; ‘Guess Who!’ ‘She tried virtually every other guy in the carriage before she got to me! “Oh, no don’t tell me you’re the bald guy with the ginger beard who’s been leering at me since I sat down?” she wrote!’

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