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"I am a legend. I want to take drugs“ - Amy Winehouse

"I've been fighting sexual addiction for my whole
adult life. There is no cure for it and self-help
is rarely successful.” - Lord Laidlaw
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* Fun and games with the Bin Ladens
* When Bush met Bob Gelfof
* Charts: Madonna and Justin are number one

>> When Bush met Bob <<
Geldof in sense of humour shock

Bob Geldof gave President George Bush a copy
of his book “Geldof in Africa" during a recent
flight on Air Force One.

“Who wrote this for ya, Geldof?” joked Dubya.

Quick as flash Saint Bob replied: “Who will
you get to read it for you, Mr President?”

Spotted this week in Greggs The Bakers, opposite BBC
Manchester, Alistair Campbell. He was eating a ham
baguette and ready salted crisps.

>> Max Monaco <<
F1 boss hiding out?

Max Mosley missed the Barcelona GP last weekend
because of some urgent business in Jordan.
So the PRs who thought they spotted him enjoying
the hospitality at Monaco Tennis Open must just
have suffered a case of mistaken identity.

The Sun are in talks with a big brewer to launch a
Page 3 lager.

>> Big Questions <<
The blind items leading the blind

Which teen-focused TV presenter got her
producer to hold her jacket while going
through airport security? She only
realised at the departure gate that the
jacket pocket contained two wraps of cocaine.

Are you British in bed? Take a peep at how Brits
make love and try the sexual nationality test on, brought to you by K-Y®
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>> Ken and Eric part 2 <<
Loach's heart belongs to Bath City

We were only half right about the Ken Loach/
Eric Cantona movie, Finding Eric. We're now
told it's about a football loving postman
in Manchester called Eric, with Cantona as

Ken's allegiance is to Bath City FC. Even
though he no longer lives nearby Loach
goes to most home games, where he stands
on the terraces chatting to anyone about
football. He's got a Bath City sticker in
the back of his family saloon car, and won
the club's monthly raffle last week.

Oh, and a crew-member on his movie says.
“He doesn't get a 35 quid per diem. It's
only 25 quid.”

Olivia Newton John's daughter Chloe has been singing
on US reality show Rock The Cradle - a talent quest
for celebrity offspring. She was described as
sounding like “Bjork Possessed By Satan".

>> L'Wren revisited <<
Mick's amazon has fans

JE writes:
“I knew L'Wren when she was a stylist in LA.
She was a really nice person and genuinely
talented as a stylist and a designer. She
helped me get an agent and was super cool to
me when I was struggling, just because she
liked my work. I beg to differ with
princessnasty that Mick has gone a gear down.”

Divorce cost him an arm and a leg, so how much
dough has Sir Paul McCartney got left? Find out
with The Sunday Times Rich List, the final word on
who's richer than who in Britain today.

>> Say sorry to a star <<
Terence Stamp gets the elbow

DL writes:
“I don't know whether he subscribes to PB, but
I'd like to apologise to Terence Stamp for
knocking him off his feet on Piccadilly. I
was in London for the day and trying to find
Fortnum & Masons, and while asking my mate
for directions by barking into my mobile
(like a twat) I walked right into the
Superman II star, sending him flying
backwards into a bin. To make matters worse, I
was on my way to a fancy dress party and was
wearing a cowboy hat. I apologised but he
didn't look happy. So if you're reading this,
Mr Stamp, the Welsh twat in the cowboy hat
is very sorry.”

(Do you need to apologise to a star?

Last week at K West hotel one of Mark Ronson's
entourage dispatched a hanger-on to buy gak for him.
The wannabe dropped the cash and it was stolen by
three hoodies. Oops.

>> Royal japes <<
Fun and games with the Bin Ladens

There's some nice anecdotes in a new book
"The Bin Ladens - The Story of a Family and
Its Fortune". Prince Charles met Bakr Bin Laden,
chairman of the Saudi Binladin group and
Osama's half-brother, at a party in 2000.
"What's your brother up to these days?"
was HRH's question.

However Popbitch's favourite Bin Laden brother
is now Salem. When he had surgery for piles
he got a friend to photograph the operation
for him. After he'd recovered Salem took great
delight in making a show of a medley of the
grisly pictures, set to music, for members of
the Saudi Royal Family.

The minister for Urban Planning in Uganda is called:
Urban Tibamanya.

>> Psychic paintball <<
Poor Mark leaves poignant image

On the Famous Friends noticeboard at Campaign
paintball centre, Surrey: a picture of Mark
Speight. He's posing in a cowboy hat in front
of a 'Dodge City' attraction. He's standing
in front of The Last Chance Saloon.

Clint Boon from the Inspiral Carpets does the music
for Engie Benjy on CITV.

>> Things that make you go hmm <<
Antibiotics, beavers, Jazz Randyboy

Vagina crockery:

Ever wanted to talk to God? New band Attic
Lights release their single 'God' this Monday
and give you the chance to have a chat with
the almighty one using iGod:

RIP Robb Douglass, of Robbs celebs. “The world
of free porn mourns a great source of celeb
tittery”, writes a fan. He apparently died after
an allergic reaction to antibiotics:

Who's winning the election? Who cares?!
says let the eggs decide…

Discoo, one of our favourite fashion stores,
is moving house so are offering a massive 50%
off everything for a limited period:

There was a protest by cab drivers in Melbourne
yesterday. Their spokesman was Mr Jazz Randyboy:

Meet Barry the beaver:

Rap stars as animals:

>> Chart Predictions <<
New entries/High climbers Sun 4th May

++ Number One

++ Top Ten
WILEY Wearing My Rolex
USHER Love In This Club
WILL I AM Heartbreakers

++ Top Twenty

++ Top Forty
THE HOOSIERS Cops & Robbers
ONE NIGHT ONLY It's About Time

>> End Bit <<
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