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I wish I'd gone to Raindance a long time ago - it would have saved me a fortune and unravelled a lot of mysteries about getting into the movie business. Most importantly though, at Raindance they give you the tools to stop talking about it and get out and do it.

Philippa Juul, Screenwriter
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i recommend all the couses at Raindance
i know through
experiance that the information gained is priceless before
you go out shooting your movie. Raindance
prepares the serious producer/writer/director for the real
business of film making.

Chris Lennox

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Raindance courses changed my life - who I am and all that. Without trying to sound egotistical, directing following the principles I have learned at Raindance really has made a huge difference to the way that I work, and has opened up endless possibilities and doorways hitherto closed.

Ben Moore, Director

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Raindance Tutor
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The first cinematic screening in Europe of a film starring actor Leonardo Di Caprio was at Raindance in 1993 with What's Eating Gilbert Grape

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Raindance tutor
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Dear Elliot,

Thank you for your informative and spot on information as always.
I took your course in Glasgow in October 1995 and I have made eleven features since then ...

Kind regards,
Robbie Moffat
Palm Tree UK
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Raindance Tutor
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Dear Elliot,

Just to say a million thank yous for the course last weekend. It was absolutely fab! I totally enjoyed it and you inspired me to go forwards instead of staying still.

You are a walking movie in human form and once my movie finally finds its feet - I would really love for you to be around because you just have that extra special know how to get it spectacular!

Sheila Cronin

I know you get hundreds of emails every day but I wanted to say thank you for the course this weekend. I really enjoyed it and felt that by the end there were some great group dynamics going on. There were a number of areas that I was particularly interested in learning about (shooting with 35mm cameras, actors and cinematographers) and I am very happy with the level of detail that you provided for us. Really, it was great.

With best wishes

Richard Griffiths
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Raindance tutor
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Thanks again for a great weekend course. The time just flew.
I've now started thinking about my screenwriting in terms of a new
business venture, and that way of thinking is really helping me focus
on what I'm doing, along with the craft-skills that I've been learning
over the last few months.

Best regards,

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In case I never get the nerve to say this to your face............ Raindance and you have been an inspiration.

I did the Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking course in July 2003 and since then many more courses.

They've helped me write my first feature length script, which is being optioned, and have the courage to experiment with friends on a couple of shorts and finally make my first short film with a full crew, totally no budget of course...I share your attitude to cash.

This in between working full time and writing another 20 other treatments and scripts which I will develop once I have the time to sleep again.

Bottom line if I hadn't come to Raindance I would never found the courage to follow my dream....thank you for the encouragement and the inspiration!

Keep on keeping on.

Kindest regards

Deborah Groves

Finally, my eyes are open. I have the potential to be a great screenwriter. I can be up there with Leigh Brackett, Joss Whedon, Mario Puzo, Lawrence Kasdan and John Peoples (Leigh Brackett was a woman, by the way - and she wrote 'The Big Sleep', 'Rio Bravo' and the first draft of 'The Empire Strikes Back' - on her death bed! I think she was brilliant and as a writer she is one of my heroes...).

I can do this.

Leigh Oakley, Screenwriter

Dear Raindance,

Many thanks for yet another fantastic course this weekend, as usual Raindance delivers.

Steve Akers

Here is our new catalogue of up-coming film training courses in writing, directing and producing that we are presenting this year up til the end of August in Central London. Whether you are interested in writing, directing and producing or shooting, there is something for you at Raindance.

Raindance courses really work. Filmmakers who have taken our courses have made films which have screened at prestigious film festivals, won awards and made a combined box office total of over one hundred million dollars.

Our courses are not taught by teachers - they are taught by filmmakers who can teach. If you want a summary of how we teach, and if you have 21 minutes, let me show you how with our
21 Minute Film School.

Our courses can be taken individually or grouped as diplomas. Let me tell you more:
First: Our Classes Work
So many people have taken our classes and then gone on to make a feature film. Paul Andrew Williams is one of them.

If you have never heard of him, click on his picture to the left. His new film The Cottage follows the success of his debut £80K feature,
London To Brighton, which screened at the Raindance Fim Festival, where it won Best British Feature.

Second: We Follow Our Own Advice

We currently have four films in production - all written, directed and produced by people like you who have taken Raindance courses.

Third: We Make Movies
Over the past sixeen years of hosting our Film Festival, we have made some excellent connections with investors eager to discover new talent - like you. The first film we produced, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, had its world premiere at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival in January 2006. The film has gone on to win 17 awards at international film festivals; it has sold to 21 territories, and now plans are being made to release the film here in the UK and abroad.

Our second feature is currently in post-production.

Fourth: We Know Which Films Work with Audiences
Which is why we launched
in Sptember 2007 with the best independent shorts, features and documentaries.

Fifth: We Run an International Film Festival
Where you could screen your work--if it's good enough! Last fall our jurors included Mick Jones (founder of The Clash) and Iggy Pop. You can find out how to submit by clicking here.
How Our Courses Work

Our courses repeat every four months, except for special events with major guest directors, producers and screenwriters - which happen throughout the year.

You can book an individual course or a series of courses to make up a Raindance Diploma in your area of interest:
Writing, Directing, Producing or Filmmaking.

If you are unsure of which course to take, call me, Will Pearce, on 0207 287 3833 and ask as many questions as you like. As Course Director at Raindance my job is to make sure you pick the right course for your skill level and your interest.

Whatever course or courses you choose, I can promise you that our courses deliver the most amount of information in the least amount of time at the best possible price.

Look around our website...
99 Minute Film School

Light Equip29 May 2008
6:30-9:00 pm
Just £30
Members £25.50

You can't learn filmmaking in one evening, can you?

Let Raindance founder Elliot Grove try to teach you in this fun and information-packed evening.

Perhaps you have heard about Raindance and our courses but have never taken the leap. Here's your chance.

You can
Book Online Here or call us 020 7287 3833

Learn more...
Filmmakers' Foundation Certificate
Five Tuesdays starting 3 June 2008
6:30-9:00 pm
Just £145 + VAT = £170.37
Members pay just £144.82 incl. VAT

Film Crew Silhouette
Five Tuesday nights designed to take the fear out of filmmaking and give you an overview of writing, directing, producing and marketing a first short or feature film.

Week 1- Writing for Low Budget Films
Writing your first movie but have a low budget? This week we will concentrate on how to get the most out of your script, locations and actors and how to make sure these elements will be in line with a low budget. Discover how to make what you already know into a unique story.

Week 2- Essentials of Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking
Making movies can be very expensive, but debut films are usually made on miniscule budgets. A successful filmmaker will make the ordinary seem extraordinary, thus enhancing the film's production values.

Week 3- Director's Toolkit
Actors, cinematographers and directors form some of the most exciting relationships on a movie set. New directors need to learn to communicate their vision to their crew in order to get the best on-screen results.

Week 4- Introduction to Production
Computer and camera companies have developed a bewildering array of low-cost editing and camera equipment. Choose the right equipment and maximise its potential for the edit of your movie.

Week 5- Breaking Into The Film Industry
If you really want to work in the film industry as a writer, director or producer, your chances of success are higher if you make a plan of attack. Learn how to identify areas of interest to you, and how to approach the right people - the people who can help you, or who can hire you.

You can
Book Online Here or call us 020 7287 3833

Who should attend:
Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers and anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process.

Learn more...
Join Raindance

Get 15% off all courses (20% off Diplomas), free script registration, our annual DVD of the best shorts from the Raindance Film Festival and much more.

Find out more..

Why not
join online here?
Writers' Foundation Certificate
5 Wednesdays starting 4 June 2008
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Just £145 + VAT = £170.37
Members pay just £144.82 incl. VAT

TypewriterRaindance founder Elliot Grove has developed a simple and practical introduction to the art, craft and mechanics of screenwriting.

The Writers' Foundation Certificate is for anyone who is interested in writing for the screen. It is not necessary to have a prepared project for this class - but it is necessary to want to learn how to write!

This course is part lecture and part group discussion.

Week 1- Tools of the Beginning
-Getting started. What is an idea?
-Where do they come from?
-How do you create compelling ideas?
-How to copyright and protect your ideas.
-How to properly format your script and style guide.

Week 2 - Casting your Movie/Story
-How to create compelling characters that zoom out of the screen and stay with you.
-Magnification, traits and other tools.
-Case study: a character from a current movie will be analysed.

Week 3 - Building Your Story
-Scene writing and story structure.
-Creating a page turner.
-Suspense and other dramatic tools.

Week 4 - Writing Compelling Dialogue
-The 14 tricks and traps of writing dialogue.
-The 3 tracks for recording dialogue.
-Honing and mixing effective dialogue.

Week 5 - Pitching Skills Workshop
Pitching is one of the most essential skills needed for a successful career in the film industry. It is also one of the least considered by new entrants to the industry.

-How to run a pitch meeting.

-The goals of a pitch meeting.

-Using visual aids.

-Finding your hook.

-Pitching tools explained and demonstrated.

(This class can be booked separately - see below)

You can
Book Online Here
or call us 020 7287 3833

Who should attend:
Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers and anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process.

Learn more...

Piching Skills Workshopfilm
Tuesday 24 April 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Wednesday 2 July 6:30 - 9:30

If you haven't attended a Raindance class before, this might be a great place to start:
Pitching is one of the most essential skills needed for a successful career in the film industry. It is also one of the least considered by new entrants to the industry.

This intensive evening class presents the original class developed for the MA programme of film studies at the Royal College of Art Film School and is presented here in its entirety. Participants will also have the opportunity to test their pitches out on Elliot Grove and get his immediate response in his acclaimed "Pitch Repair" session.

-How to run a pitch meeting.

-The goals of a pitch meeting.

-Using visual aids.

-Finding your hook.

-Pitching tools explained and demonstrated.

You can Book Online Here: 24 April or 2 July
or call us 020 7287 3833

Learn more...

The 9 Routes to Breaking in as a Director
Click here for this free article!

We have many terrific articles designed to shorten the time it takes you to break in.

Click here to see the menu.
Directors' Foundation Certificate
Five Thursdays starting 5 June 2008
6:30-9:30 pm
Just £145 + VAT = £170.37
Members pay just £144.82 inc VAT


One of our most popular courses designed to take you through the basic elements of directing and prepare you for directing your first short or feature.

Week 1- The Director and the Script

The script is the blueprint for a movie. The director's job is to read and interpret the screenplay. Discover how a good director translates the written word into the visual elements on the screen.

Week 2- The Director and the Rehearsal
The director's challenge is to communicate his or her vision to the cast. Learn how to run a rehearsal and create mood and tension by inspiring the actors and using the tool of staging.

Week 3- The Grammar of Directing
Directors use a variety of shots and lenses to compose their scenes and create a vocabulary of cinematic techniques and processes. Directors must learn the do's and don'ts of film grammar.

Week 4- Directing the Shoot
Using professional actors and a DV camera, we will shoot a short scene to demonstrate the techniques used by professionals.

Week 5- Directing the Edit
In the edit, the audiovisual material collected during the shoot is reorganised to tell the film's story in the best possible way. The director must thoroughly understand the editing process.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Who should attend:
Writers, directors, producers, actors, filmmakers, cinema lovers and anyone with an interest in how movies are made and who seek a basic introduction to the filmmaking process.

More details here...
First Feature Raindance Students Score

Raindance alumni keep hitting the big time:
Alison Owen produced BRICK LANE
Ken Marshall produced LONDON TO BRIGHTON and THE COTTAGE
Mark Ezra produced WAKING NED
Charles Steel produced THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND
Philippa Braithwaite produced SLIDING DOORS
Vadim Jean produced LEON THE PIG FARMER
Paul Brooks produced MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING
Jeremy Bolt produced THE LONG GOOD FRIDAY
Matthew Vaughn directed STARDUST
Julian Fellowes wrote GOSFORD PARK
Guy Ritchie wrote and directed LOCK, STOCK AND TWO SMOKING BARRELS
Christopher Nolan wrote & directed MEMENTO
Edgar Wright wrote & directed SHAUN OF THE DEAD and HOT FUZZ
Simon Hunter directed and hot THE MUTANT CHRONICLES
David Yates directed Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

All took Raindance courses.
Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking
Make your first feature!

Saturday/Sunday 21/22 June 2008
9:30-6:00 pm
£250 + VAT = £293.75
Members pay just £249.69

LoBudgetFewer European filmmakers have more experience in shooting, producing and marketing micro and no-budget films than Raindance founder Elliot Grove.

Day One: Learn over 50 money saving filmmaking tips.
Day Two: Learn how to finance, market and sell your movie and how to turn your movie into this year's cult classic.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Learn More...

SFX For Lo-Budget Film
28/29 June 2008
9:30-6:00 pm
Just £250+ VAT=£293.75
Members pay just £249.69

Light Equip
If you are interested in creating special effects for your film, this is the place to start. How to make blood, gore, wounds and sores that are designed for the camera.

The second part of the course will provide a low down on non-pyrotechnical action effects using safe compressed air.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

The class is presented by Dan Martin.

Learn more here...
2 Day Film School
Saturday/Sunday 5/6 July 2008
9:30 - 6:00 pm
Just £250 + VAT = £287.86
Members save 15%
2 Day Film SchoolWhy waste 2 or 4 years? Dov S-S Simens (Hollywood's greatest film instructor) cuts right through to the chase and teaches the business of Writing, Producing, Directing, Financing & Distributing Independent Features.

This is the flagship class taken by Quentin Tarentino 9 months BEFORE he made Reservoir Dogs.

Orson Welles stated 'Everything you need to know about filmmaking can be learned in three days.' Dov amazingly does it in two. Hollywood filmmakers like Quentin Tarantino, Neil Labute, Robert Rodriguez, along with Oscar nominated actors like Will Smith and Queen Latifah, and screenwriters of 'X-Men', 'Mortal Kombat', and 'Blade Runner' are just a few of Dov' successes.

London participants who have since produced or directed successful features include Jeremy Bolt (Event Horizon, Soldier), Phillippa Braithwaite (Sliding Doors) Paul Brooks (My Big Fat Greek Wedding), Simon Hunter (Mutant Chronicles), Patricia Murphy (Camden Girls), and Guy Ritchie (Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch).

Full details here...

Call 020 7287 3833 to book your place
Hands-On Directing for Film and Television
Saturday/Sunday 5/6 July 2008
10:00-6:00 pm
Just £250 + VAT = £293.75
Members save 15%

TuckerEveryone wants to be a director. If you can create a 'look' for your film, your career will skyrocket.

But why do so many British feature films, especially those by first-time directors, fail to achieve this important artistic success? When the technique needed for visually pleasing single-camera direction is so basic, why do so many directors fail to make the right choices? And when actors can add so much to a production, why don't directors take the time to ensure that their actors perform to the best of their abilities?

This intensive seminar teaches the secrets of maximising performance from the cast while realising the importance of the ultimate audience: the camera. Learn how to direct on-time and on-budget, get the results you want and keep the producers happy. Single camera shooting techniques are explored in depth. Students will be given a number of exercises to undertake, including the opportunity to participate in directing a short dramatic scene critiqued by Patrick Tucker.

Full details here..

Patrick also teaches an advanced course:

Hands-On Directing for Film and TV Part 2
Saturday/Sunday 12/13 July 2008
10:00 - 6:00 pm
Just £250 + VAT=£293.75
Members save 15%

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Budgeting and Schedulinghourglass and money
8 July 2008
7:00-9:30 pm

Just £30
Members pay just £25.50!

Always considered the boring bit by film producers and directors, the budget and schedule are nevertheless the spine of any production. If you get the budget (the money part) wrong, your film will stall half-finished without cash. If you get the schedule (the time) wrong your film will suffer - either from loss of quality or remain unfinished because you have run out of time (and budget!)

This evening explains how scripts are analysed and whipped into shape budget-wise and schedule-wise.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Full details here...
TV Writers' Lab
9, 10, 16, 17, 23, 24, 30 July
6:30-9:30 pm
Only £193.88
Members pay just £164.79

TVClive Bradley has written extensively for television. Most recently he was the lead writer for City of Vice (Channel Four). His drama about the July London bombings, That Summer Day (Children's BBC) won the BAFTA for best children's drama. Other work includes A Harlot's Progress (Channel Four), Last Rights (Channel Four), and The Vice (Carlton/ITV). His film, W∆Z, was released this year, and another, Amini, is in production this autumn. He is currently developing a number of projects.

Previous writing experience is advised, but not necessary.

Full details...

This popular course has limited places. Avoid dissapointment and book now!

You can
Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833
Write and Sell the HOT Script
Saturday/Sunday 12/13 July 2008
9:30-6:00 pm
Only £250 + VAT = £293.75

Members pay just £249.69

Elliot Grove
Need some help getting that great idea for a movie out of your head and onto a piece of paper?

Need to organise a plan of attack so you can get it sold?

Raindance founder Elliot Grove has built a solid reputation for devising and presenting the best introduction to screenwriting in Europe.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Full details here.

Movie Money
Where It Is And How To Get It
15 July 2008
6:30-9:30 pm
Just £30
Members pay just £25.50!

Discover how to raise money for your film by using non- industry finance. Learn how EIS, VCT and pension funds can all be sources for your film finance.

Learn how small and larger deals are put together and how the recoupment waterfall works.

N.B. If you are looking for sources of industry finance, please look at the UK Film council website.

You can
Book Online Here or call 020.7287.3833

More details...
Creating A Business Plan Business Plan
22 July 2008
6:30-9:30 pm
Just £30
Members pay just £25.50!

Once you have scoured film festivals looking for new talent, settled on the next hot director and found that absolutely terrific script, you need to prepare a plan of attack to get the money to shoot your film.

This evening workshop will run through the essentials to present your project to both private and industry investors. The last segment deals with creating a business plan for your career enabling you to raise enough money so you can ditch the day job.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Read on...

Introduction to the Camera
Saturday/Sunday 26/27 July 2008
Just £250 + VAT
Members save 15%

Film Camera TrainingA masterclass for first time filmmakers and anyone wanting to gain a better understanding of cinematic single camera techniques. You can attend either or both sessions, although, for maximum benefit, it is recommended that both are attended.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

More details here...
Raindance Gift Certificates

We issue gift certificates in denominations to suit your budget - anything from £20. Gift certificates make the ideal gift for the special film person in your life.

Last year over a hundred people attended our courses using gift certificates.

Call me, Will Pearce, on 020 7287 3833 and I'll talk you through it.

Hollywood's Four Greatest Lies
Your FREE Raindance article on the four big lies of Hollywood.
Basic Legal Contracts
29 July 2008
7:00-9:30 pm
Only £30

Members save 15%

Once your film is finished and ready to be sold, you will have to show the "chain of title" to any prospective film buyer. If you fail to do this, you will never be able to sell your film.

In this evening crash course, the basic talent (ie: writer, director, actor) contracts are explained. View it as health insurance for filmmakers.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Read more here...
Directing Performance
Sat/Sun 19/20 April
Sat/Sun 2/3 August 2008
9:30-6:30 pm
Just £250 + VAT=£293.75

Members save 15%

Light EquipDirecting Performance introduces directors to the acting process and demonstrates proven techniques to enable directors to promote strong performances.

By developing the inner and outer worlds of the characters through their relationships with their environment, other characters and themselves, a great story can be given further depth and will create a greater involvement for the audience.

Working with professional actors, Chris Thomas will demonstrate how the director can gain clues from the text, think creatively about casting, and together with their cast, create rich characterisations and relationships no matter what the film is about.

Participants will gain insight into how actors prepare, explore ways to use rehearsal and direct actors during the shoot. The course will be illustrated through examples, demonstration and review of scenes shot during the class.

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833

Full details here...
The Short Film Project
Three Evenings & One Day
12, 13, 14 August 2008, 6:30 pm-9:30 pm
16 August 2008, 9:30am-6:30 pm
Just £295 + VAT

Members save 15%

Clapperboard for filmEver wanted to just get out there and shoot a film? Well you can, cheaply and efficiently with the many HDV cameras available on the market right now. The digital revolution has put broadcast quality video cameras into the reach of just about everyone.

Broadcast quality and very easy to use, HDV is an ideal tool for filmmakers to make films on a low budget without compromising on quality of image. All you need are good ideas, a great script, and with a little technical know-how you can get going.

You will also learn how to edit the film and create a high-quality tape that can be submitted to festivals and distributors and used on your showreel. With the advent of HD television, more and more broadcasters are seeking material originated on the HD/HDV format.

Participants will be given a DVD copy of the rushes and a rough cut. You will have the opportunity to do all of the jobs on the shoot: direct, operate the camera, set up lights, work with professional actors and record professional quality location sound.

Full details here...

You can Book Online Here or call 020 7287 3833.

Only 18 places available
If you have any questions, give me a call at the office. The last thing we want is for you to attend a course that is wrong for you. My number at Raindance is 020 7287 3833. If I'm not around, Joe or Elliot will probably be able to help you out.

Happy filmmaking

Will Pearce
Head of Raindance Training
Will Pearce
Raindance Festivals Limited

The Raindance Guarantee

If you decide to attend and find that any Raindance course is overhyped, unsuitable or simply does not meet or exceed your expectations, let a member of Raindance know by noon on the first day for an instant, no-questions-asked refund.

The Fine Print: Let us know by lunchtime on the first day of a weekend course or at the first break on an evening course and we will make a full refund

What is Raindance?

Since 1992 Raindance has been offering advice and support for independent fimmakers. We started the Raindance Film Festival in 1993, and the British Independent Film Awards in 1998. We also have a training programme that has had remarkable success. And all this without public funding. Presently there are nine of us working out of our office in Soho, London. Although we are London-based we are on the look-out for anyone who might like to work with us in another city or country.

We are always looking for new ideas, or your stories about your movie.

To contact us, call 44 (0)20 7287 3833, or send an email to info@raindance.co.uk

Raindance offers the following discounts:

- students/OAPs/UB40 - 10%
- members of any film organisation - 10%
- members of Raindance - 15%
- repeater fee (if you have taken the course before - 50%
- call 020 7287 3833 for details of group booking discounts
- call 020 7287 3833 for our 10% out-of-town discount
The fine print: Discounts can not be combined

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