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shining_border Who Made Jack Mad?

Did Stanley Kubrick really demand 127 takes from Shelley Duvall in one scene?

And is it true that they tried shooting the blood pouring from the elevator doors for an entire year?

Ask Kelvin Pike, he'll know.

The Raindance Kodak Masterclass takes place at BAFTA on Saturday 10 May, 2-4pm. Tickets cost £10.

Veteran cameraman Kelvin Pike, whose work includes 2001:A SPACE ODYSSEY, THE SHINING, STAR WARS:THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK, DR STRANGELOVE and HEAVEN'S GATE, will give us a behind the scenes look at what it was like working on some of the most iconic films of the 20th Century.

Click here to book a place or ring 020 7287 3833.
Meet Raindance

It's time again for the Raindance Open Evening. Come along to hear the lowdown on our new courses, win some prizes and get discounts on bookings. Then we'll all go for a drink and maybe you'll meet someone interesting.

Dan Martin will be there to tell you all about his SFX course. Clive Bradley will be there to talk you through the TV Writers' Lab. Elliot, of course, will be there too.

Naturally, it's free to come along - just email us so we know we have enough space for you all. Book your place by emailing
skeleton_dance Captain Zip's Super8mm Trip

The full programme for Captain Zip's 8mm Film Club has been set.

Some of the films to be shown include Georges Méliès 1911 wacky film LES HALLUCINATIONS DU BARON DE MUNCHAUSEN, Disney's SKELETON DANCE (which was banned in some Scandinavian countries in the '20s), and PRINCESS NICOTINE AND THE SMOKE FAIRY.

All the films will be shown in their original format from a rickety Super8mm projector and will feature some amazing hand selected soundtracks as well.

It's on Weds 23 April at the Horse Hospital, of course. And yes, it's still FREE.

Click here to see the full programme
Indie Tip

The 3 Golden Rules of Salesmanship

Pitching is the single most important skill anyone, including writers, must acquire in order to succeed in the film industry.

In our everyday life we pitch all the time. When your best friend or dearest relative calls up, they will ask you 'What's new?' You will then pitch them either a problem at work (to elicit sympathy) or prospects in love or work (to gain support or admiration). People who can't succeed at this elemental task are often referred to as 'cold' or 'loners'.

Want more? Click here

Why not try the class? It's just £30. Tuesday 24 April 6:30 - 9pm

Pitching Skills Workshop
hourglass Time Is Running Out!

The early submission deadline for the 16th Raindance Film Festival is just around the corner so your chances of getting your film in early and to save on submission fees are dwindling.

The early deadline is 1st May and the final deadline is 6th June with a Withoutabox-only extended deadline of 20th June.

Click here to submit or to read more about it.
Ken Loach RDTV

Ken Loach's short, HAPPY ENDING is now available on Dailymotion and Babelgum.

If you want to find out more about Ken Loach and his other works check out CARRY ON KEN, a documentary centred on Loach, his career and his methods in film.

Download the free Babelgum player to watch it and while you're there check out some other first-rate shorts and features.

We now have over 50 hours of shorts, features and documentaries available on our Joost channel.
film specific Do you want distribution for your film?

Have you ever wondered how some filmmakers manage to get distribution for their films, while you don't know where to begin?
Join the hundreds of other members of Film Specific who are getting distribution for their films, programs, and other content...and making profits in the process.

Created by a former Foreign Sales Agent and author of "The Insiders Guide To Independent Film Distribution" (Focal Press), Film Specific will give you access to actual Distributors and other independent film Experts, plus Buyers Lists and other resources aimed at connecting YOU with worldwide independent film distributors. Whether you are going after Traditional Distribution, Self-Distribution, or both - you'll get the ongoing support you need as we hold your hand through the entire process. Go ahead...put the odds in your favor!

Subscribe to Film Specific before Sunday, April 20 and get our special ONE YEAR BIRTHDAY bonuses! Just go here to see all we have to offer you.
kirk jones Alumni

Raindance alum Kirk Jones has signed up Robert De Niro to join Kate Beckinsale, Drew Barrymore and Sam Rockwell in his latest feature EVERYBODY'S FINE.

The movie is written and directed by Jones, who previously helmed Nanny McPhee and Waking Ned.

Kirk Jones took Dov Simens' 2-Day Film School and Hands-On Directing
cannes24 Cannes 24 Hour Film Challenge

If you're looking for one more reason to come to Cannes this year. let this be what tips the balance. Compete in the most exciting film challenge out there - and the ONLY one in CANNES. You'll have 24 hours to complete a short film based on the title and genre given to you. Then see the results screened at the hottest party in Cannes. If you have a crew, a nice camera, and an editing suite, that's great - If you have a camera phone and an ibook, maybe even better.

GO TO: to learn more and REGISTER!

"I want to give the audience a hint of a scene. No more than that. Give them too much and they won't contribute anything themselves. Give them just a suggestion and you get them working with you."

Orson Welles
Working the Net

Got something? Need something? Let us know:


Semi-pro photographer wishes to expand portfolio

I have previously specialized in event and music photography, prodominantly around the hot rod, drag racing and rockabilly scene. My style is nostalgic and my aims have always been to capture the atmosphere and the people rather than simply document it.

I feel that my candid reportage style is ideally suited to on-set photography and would appreciate it if you would consider me if the need arises in the future to capture some stills on TV and films sets, or simply out in the field with other production crew members.

I am prepared to work on an expenses only basis until I have proved myself, making it an ideal opportunity for low budget productions.


DOP, Sound Recorder, Lighting, Locations and Extras Wanted

Where: London
Format: HD CAM


Genre: action thriller

This is the first instalment of the DUMAR THE RISING trilogy. This is the story of Dumar, a successful City worker who is wrongly imprisoned for seeking the truth. Incarcerated for five long years, Dumar plots an escape from his captors and revenge.

Note: Please note we have had interest from a subsidiary of Viacom for licensing the trilogy. So get your resumes to me ASAP so I can get a script to you.

Kind Regards

Aaron Thomas
Pitch To Win

FX Network (Nip/Tuck, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia) is looking for ideas for their next hit television comedy. You have the opportunity to pitch it to them...

Make a 3 minute film that is a sample of the series you'd like to make and submit it along with a 1-to-2-page brief outlining the plot of future episodes. Ten semi-finalists will receive $1000 to revise their films and one will go on to make a $40,000 presentation which might be turned into a show by FX for their fall season!

Get cracking as the competition closes on May 1st (uploads begin on April 21st).

For more information go to
johnny_depp Competition

Are you tired of seeing terrible movies?

Think you could have written a better movie than what is playing right now?

Here's your chance:

1) Select the title of a movie currently playing in UK cinemas
(To see what's playing, click here)

2) Tell us how you could have written a better movie than that one

3) Send your idea (50 words max) to

And here's what you will get!

The best pitch of the week will get a copy of Raindance tutor Derek Rydall's book:
I could Have Written A Better Movie Than That!

The winning pitch will be published next week.
Pigeon - a heavy round disc with a lighting stud, used to position a light on the floor, much lower than a stand will go. Basically, it is a Hi Hat for lights.

Yours etc
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