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Raindance presents:
Entry level film training programmes

Raindance has pioneered innovative film training programmes in Britain.

Since 1992, some of Britain's most successful filmmakers have been involved with Raindance.

Here's what's coming up in the next few weeks:
Open House
Why not drop in and see what we are all about on the evening of Tuesday 8 May. Doors open at 6:30pm.

You'll find us in our new home within the Arts Theatre: one of London's cultural landmarks just 50m from Leicester Square tube. Here's a map.

Admission is free. To get on the guest list send an email to: party@raindance.co.uk
Learn more about what's on that night
99 Minute 99 Minute Film School
Can you learn everything about the film industry in 99 Minutes? Of course not. But you will be amazed at how much you can learn, in just 99 minutes, with Raindance founder, Elliot Grove.

You may have heard of the Raindance film training programme before. Here's the perfect way to try us out!

What: 99 Minute Film School
When: Thursday 29 May, 6:30 - 9pm
Where: Arts Theatre, Gt Newport St, London WC2H 7JB
How Much: £30.00 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount
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Book this course, get the Audio CD Breaking Into The Film Industry (RRP £15) FREE

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Filmmakers Toolkit
Here's a compilation of some of out most popular articles.
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Filmmakers' Foundation Certificate
Have the film industry demystified in five evenings and learn the basics of writing, directing and producing.

Week 1. Writing for Low Budget Films
Concentrate on how to get the most out of your script, locations and actors and how to make sure these elements will be in line with a low budget.

Week 2. Essentials of Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking
Making movies can be very expensive but debut films are usually made on miniscule budgets. A successful filmmaker can make the ordinary seem extraordinary, enhancing the film's production values.

Week 3. Director's Toolkit
Actors, cinematographers and directors form one of the most exciting relationships on a movie set. New directors need to learn to communicate their vision to their cast and crew in order to get the best results on screen.

Week 4. Introduction to Production
Computer and camera companies have developed a bewildering array of low cost editing and camera equipment. Learn how to choose the right equipment and maximise its potential for the edit of your movie.

Week 5 Breaking Into The Film Industry
If you really want to work in the film industry as a writer, director or producer, your chances of success increase if you make a plan of attack. Learn how to identify areas of interest to you, and how to approach the right people - the people who can help you or hire you.

What: Filmmakers Foundation Certificate
When: 5 Tuesday nights from June 3, 6:30 - 9pm
Where: Arts Theatre, Gt Newport St, London WC2H 7JB
How Much: £145.00 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount
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Filmmakers Tip
Did you know that there has never been a better time to break into movies? Everyone is looking for content (ie: films) for websites.

You can make money on the internet.
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Writers' Foundation Certificate
To enable new and aspiring writers to explore their ideas and to provide a framework for self-exploration and discovery.

Week 1: Tools of the Beginning
What is an idea?
Where do they come from?
How to create compelling ideas
Copyright and how to protect your ideas
Proper script format and style guide

Week 2 - Casting your movie/story
How to create compelling characters that zoom out of the screen and stay with you
Magnification, traits and other tools
Case study: a character from a current movie will be analysed

Week 3 - Building Your Story
Scene writing and story structure
Creating a page-turner
Suspense and other dramatic tools

Week 4 - Writing Compelling Dialogue
The 14 tricks and traps of writing dialogue
The 3 tracks for recording dialogue
Honing and mixing effective dialogue

Week 5 - Pitching Skills Workshop
Pitching is one of the most essential skills needed for a successful career in the film industry. It is also one of the least considered by new entrants to the industry.

What: Writers' Foundation Certificate
When: 5 Wednesdays from 4 June, 6:30 - 9pm
Where: Arts Theatre, Gt Newport St, London WC2H 7JB
How Much: £145.00 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount
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Call 0207 287 3833 or Book Online Here
Director's Tip
How does one balance the fact that directing is the most glamourous job with the brutal fact that the film industry is ruthlessly competitive?
Click here for The 9 Routes to Breaking In As A Director
Directors' Foundation Certificate
This course is designed to provide new directors with the basic techniques and information needed to direct a short film or feature.

Week 1: The Director And The Script

The script is the blueprint for a movie. The director's job is to read and interpret the screenplay. Discover how a good director translates the written word into the visual elements on the screen.

Week 2: The Director And The Rehearsal
The director's challenge is to communicate his/her vision to the cast. Learn to run a rehearsal and create mood and tension by inspiring the actors and using the tool of staging.

Week 3: The Grammar Of Directing
Directors use a variety of shots and lenses to compose their scenes and create a vocabulary of cinematic techniques and processes. Directors must learn the do's and don'ts of film grammar.

Week 4: Directing The Shoot
Using professional actors and a DV camera, a short scene will be shot to demonstrate the techniques used by professionals.

Week 5: Directing The Edit
In the edit, the audiovisual material collected during the shoot is reorganised to tell the story in the best way. The director must thoroughly understand the editing process.

What: Directors' Foundation Certificate
When: 5 Thursdays from 5 June, 6:30 - 9:30pm
Where: Arts Theatre, Gt Newport St, London WC2H 7JB
How Much: £145.00 + VAT
Raindance members get a 15% discount
Find out about joining Raindance here
Call 0207 287 3833 or Book Online Here
The Raindance Guarantee
If you find that any of our courses are over-hyped or simply unsuitable, please let us know by the end of the first break for a no-questions-asked refund.

Procrastination is the one big enemy of success.

Try one of these courses and launch your career!


Will Pearce
Raindance Festivals Limited
If you live in London and want a great night out, check out the Raindance Film Club.

Held in the Horse Hospital (that's right, it used to be a hospital for horses) situated right behind Russell Square tube, Film Club has 3 rules:

1. Doors open at 7pm
2. Great film
3. No admission charge

Fabulous place to network!
Next Film Club is Wednesday 23 April. Click here for details.
Get on the Guest List - email filmclucb@raindance.co.uk

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