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Raindance presents:

IPTV: The new Golden Goose for Independent Filmmakers

An event Thursday 27 March 6:30 - 8pm
University of Westminster, London W1

I started Raindance in 1992 and have enjoyed the support of people like yourself. After all this time, Raindance is ready to expand.

New to Raindance? Read our history here.

On Thursday 27 March 6:30 - 8pm I am hosting a special meeting to explain our latest venture, and ways that you can get involved. With your help I feel we could have a real chart-topper, and , I'd like you to come.

Tickets are free, but you must register in advance by sending an email to

Here's a short precise of our latest venture, - an IPTV service for independent filmmakers on the internet.

DailyMotion IPTV: The new Golden Goose for independent filmmakers?
Not since the advent of television has the ability to watch movies changed so dramatically
What does it mean?
Anyone with a broadband connection can watch shorts, features and documentaries on their PC or laptop.
How does it work?
There are different technologies in place, but essentially, you use the computing power of your local network, rather than the power of a mainframe computer. The images seen are startingly good.
Revolutionary, not evolutionary
It is the way everyone in the industry believes movies are going to be seen
How can filmmakers make money from this?
There are two ways: From a share of the ad revenue generated every time an ad is played with your film, and secondly, if your movie is a pay-to-view, then a slice of that revenue.
Why is it of benefit to filmmakers?
You can get your films seen all around the world, have your work entered into competitions and judged by some of the biggest names in the industry. What's more, you will make money as well. Again, come along on the 27th, and the team will explain all.

RaindanceTV - what's the big idea?
How would you like to be able to see some of the very best films from the 16 year history of Raindance, on your desktop - for free?
In summary
A computer or laptop with a good broadband connection can
provide access to a wide and growing range of movies and
television shows, delivered in good enough quality to be similar to TV viewing.

At the same time the advent of services such as Daily Motion, Babelgum, Joost, Blinkx, YouTube, Vuze and others is enabling viewers to seek and find the programming that interests them.

Finally revenue models for the consumption of online video content which are both accessible and transparent to the consumer have now emerged and are becoming widespread.

Funny Nacho Libre Pic The 7 FAQ's about

1. How much money are you raising and what is going to be used for?
I have assembled a really interesting and talented team. You can meet them on the night. I'm not trying to be coy - you can see who they are by reading our business plan and offer document. To build the business and get everything set up, we reckon is going to cost £1,4000,000.

2. Wow! That's an awful lot of money!
I agree, it's literally a fortune. The city banker types I have been meeting think it's too little and want me to raise twice as much. But I think this is a good solid plan. You can read the business plan by clicking here.

3. But come on, Elliot. You're the king of low-budget. You could shoot a dozen features on that!
I realise it's a lot of money. This time I have made an important decision which I really believe is the right way to move Raindance: Employing top people, building a top website and working with top companies is the only way that our movies - indeed, , your movie, is going to be seen. And remember, we are going global.

4. This sounds like a really great idea but I don't really have any money to invest right now. Is there any other way I can get involved?
There sure is! You can join the Filmmakers Network, and post up your work, and get connected to other filmmakers, film fanatics and cinema lovers. This part of the service will be live on June 1st so you can join and see for yourself. Every person on our network makes us just that little extra bit more special.

And you don't need to be in the UK to benefit! If you want to get on our mailing list, send an email to

5. I've heard about tax incentives for people like me who want to put money into film related projects like this. Does an investment into benefit from any of these tax breaks?
Of course it does! It's Elliot here you are talking to! But remember, to get these breaks on your investment you need to speak to a qualified person. Why don't you come along Thursday night, 27 March, and hear it yourself from the horses mouth? Or call Dean Goldberg or Will Stevenson, our qualified tax specialists, on 0207 429 2777 or send them an email. They'll explain the ins-and-outs of the different tax-efficient models available to you. Remember, they won't be able to finance your films - just answer your questions about

6. What gave you the idea to come to us and raise money.
A wise friend of mine, a man renowned as a captain of industry, and as a patron of the arts told me last year: There's gold in them there hills. But you need to change the Raindance ethos, and get some fuel in your tanks first"

7. What's in it for Elliot?
I believe is going to be successful and profitable. I believe filmmakers are going to make a great deal of money from this new service. And for me personally, it will give me a great deal of satisfaction to see the stars lined up, knowing it's another Raindance first.
Hope to see you on the 27th. If you have any quetions or comments, get them to me on, or call Dean Goldberg on 0207 429 2777.

If you want to attend, remember, it's free, but you need to book a place by sending an email to
Meet the exciting and interesting people who are bringing you

See you there,

Elliot Grove
Raindance Festivals Limited
Can't Wait? Can't Attend?
No, you don't have to live in the UK or in Europe to participate in Unfortunately, non-UK residents are not able to benefit from UK tax relief.

Interested? Call Dean Goldberg or Will Stevenson, our qualified tax specialists, on 0207 429 2777 or send them an email.
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