Monday, March 24, 2008

Facebook Suicide

Raindance presents

Holiday Toolkit for Filmmakers
Get rid of those winter blues


This is the the Electronic Intern at the Raindance Film Festival.
Everyone in the office is out shooting or watching festival submissions.

We started Raindance in 1992 in order to meet talented, first time filmmakers like you. That is why we have the Raindance Film Festival. We are open for submissions for the 2008 festival from January 1 - June 1st. Click here to submit.

We have put together this Holiday Toolkit because we know all this spare time on your hands - it's a 4 day weekend! - can leave you motionless, like the proverbial bunny - this time caught in the headlights of inactivity.

Here it is: Get tooled up!

You don't need to live in London to use these:

Top Tips and Tools for Writers

1. Top 10 Undistributed Films of 2007
Our friends at put together this great list, many of which have played at Raindance Film Festival in London.

2. Facebook Suicide and other trends for 2008
Who would believe some of the terms on this list? A great resource for screenwriters, or anyone trying to look the part and impress people!

3) Development Finance
How to formulate a plan to get that hard-to-get first money.

4. Why 3 Act will Kill Your Writing
Raindance is pretty unpopular with the the so-called 'experts' for daring to publish this extremely helpful article by John Truby

5. The 7 Steps to a Successful Screenplay
Of course it's not as easy as 1 - 7 - but we hope you find this article a big help.

6. The 9 element of Great Films
Our favourite, John Truby, has another killer article.

Have you heard about his new book? "Anatomy of Story"?
We think it is the best book on storytelling yet.

7) Want to write intensely complex and satisfying stories?
Character web is the new story buzz word. And if you haven't been following Raindance, you are probably in the dark.

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As you can see, there's lots here that you can use without being in London.

7. The Black List
Here's a list put together in mysterious circumstances, by the top story editors in Hollywood. Indispensable.

8. Script Format Guide
Look smart. Look the part.

9. The 4 Routes to Getting an Agent
It isn't easy, but here are some tried and tested ideas of how to get an agent.

Top Tips and Tools for Directors

10. Top 10 Tools for Great Filmmaking
Who said filmmaking was difficult? It ain't! But it is really hard work. Here's some useful stuff to make it easier.

11. The 4 Responsibilities of the Director
Many new directors don't have a clue of what they are supposed to do. Get tooled up if you want to direct.

12. The 10 Golden Rules of Shooting on Video
Tape is great if you use it right.

13. The 13 Steps of Post-production
The 1,2,3's of post.

Top Tips and Tools for Filmmakers

14. How Much Is My Film Worth?
Make if for less than you can sell it!

15. The 10 Dirty Secrets of Independent Film
Our latest article. Beware! Reading this can prick dreams!

16. What is IPTV and why is Important?
Yes - this is the one we really want you to read, because it's all about our latest venture!

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