Monday, December 17, 2007

Film Books - For Christmas ?

Film Books by Raindance tutors
these books are all available on Amazon

We at Raindance are very proud of our cutting edge training programme.

Many Raindance tutors have written some of the best books on writing, producing and directing independent films.

Here is a selection, all of which will get to you by the Holiday..

Anatomy of Story John Truby's Anatomy of Story

John Truby's ground-breaking work as a writer, filmmaker and teacher over 25 years in LA has made his brand new book one of the hottest properties in Hollywood.

At the moment, a hard copy book is available on Amazon for less than £15, making this an ideal gift.

John Truby is next in London on Saturday/Sunday 5/6 April: 22 Step Story Structure

Producers Lab Raindance Producer's Lab

Elliot Grove's weighty tome is on the reading list of most of the top film schools in America where it is considered about the very best all-encompassing book on filmmaking. Everything is discussed from script to finance to shooting to sales and distribution.

Elliot's landmark class, Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking returns to London on Saturday/Sunday 16/17 February.

Or check out his 99 Minute Film School on January 17th.

Screen Acting Patrick Tucker's Secrets of Screen Acting
Patrick Tucker shares what he has learned in directing over 400 hours of single camera dircting for film and television in America, Denmark, Japan and the UK.

A practical no-nonsense guide.

Patrick's dynamic weekend class, Hands On Directing for Film and Television is next on Saturday/Sunday 8/9 March. There is no better course to learn the grammar of directing.

Writer's Journey Christopher Vogler's Writer's Journey

What started out as a 12 page memo for Disney development executives has been turned into the biggest selling screenwriting book in the history of cinema - dwarfing Robert Mckee's Story.

Chris Vogler is a master storyteller, a mystic philosopher and has created this indispensible book.

Voglers next London class, The Writer's Journey, is in London summer of 2008.

Save The Cat Blake Snyder's Save The Cat

Blake Snyder's first trip to Raindance in November 2007 was a ground breaking and seminal class in screenwriting. His novel approach to strucuture and genre (his recently published second book is Save The Cat Goes To The Movies) is the freshest appraoch to structure and many who have read his book, swear by it's simplicity.

Blake's Screenwriting Weekend will return to Raindance in the fall, 2008.

Dov Dov S-S Simen's Reel To Deal

Dov's revolutionary 2 Day Film School was the first ever Raindance course way back in 1992. Love him or loathe him, his screaming bluesman like holler will either piss you off or get you moving to success.

Famously taken by Tarentino and a host of other now-successful filmmakers, his next 2-Day Film School class is in late 2008.

Creating Emotion David Freeman's: Creating Emotion in Games: The Art and Craft of Emotioneering

You don't need to be a video gamer to get lot's out of this visually stunning book.

David's next London redition of Beyond Structure will be in September 2008.

I hope you enjoy this list of useful book.

Let us know if there is anything else you have found that you think is excellent.

Best for the Holidays,

The Raindance Team
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