Friday, December 14, 2007

The Dark Knight email.

There's a new international poster out for The Dark Knight and it kicks the crap out of the recently released US version.
Once again they reiterated that the goal is to bring non-Trek fans into the world of Kirk and company. There's quite a lot to see on the site and you can also make your own Predalien or send a loved one your very own Facehugger E-card.
So, what's going on this weekend?
Patrick's Day bagpipes.
I'll be seeing both the clip and the movie in IMAX tomorrow night and I think I'm more excited about the six minute preview than I am about the movie it's attached to.
I guess I just need to pay attention!
Here's a video clip of the event.
Instead we have Colin and Greg Strause who are self-proclaimed fans of both franchises.
That is If the strike is over by then. And congrats to Vic on his new job and still running a fantabulous site.
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Any ideas what this all means ....?

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