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Raindance presents
Film Course Catalogue

Filmmaking taught by filmmakers - for filmmakers Courses starting in September 2007

I am Will Pearce, the Course Director at Raindance, and I am writing to tell you about our new Diploma courses in writing, directing, producing and filmmaking at Raindance, starting in September, 2007.

We have streamed our courses into easy-to-understand modules, making it easier and simpler to complete training between September and the end of December.

Raindance courses really work. Filmmakers who have taken our courses have made films which have screened at prestigious film festivals, won awards and made a combined box office total of more than one hundred million dollars.

Our courses are not taught by teachers - they are taught by filmmakers who can teach. Our team also run the Raindance Film Festival and the British Independent Film Awards.

Raindance courses make great gifts. You can give someone a Raindance course from as little as £30.

Let me tell you more -

First Feature

First: our classes work So many people have taken our classes and then gone on to make a feature film. Charles Steel is one. If you have never heard of him, click the picture to the left. He produced THE LAST KING OF SCOTLAND

Second: We follow our own advice
We currently have four films in production - all written, directed and produced by people like you who have taken Raindance courses.

Three: We have room for more films
Through the contacts we have made at the Festival over the past fifteen years, we have made some excellent contacts with investors eager to discover new talent - like you. The first film we produced, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD, actually had its world premiere at the prestigious Rotterdam Film Festival on January 28th. The film has gone on to win awards at many international film festivals, and now plans are being made to release the film here in the UK and abroad. Our second film is currently in post-production, and three more are in pre-production.

All have been written, directed or produced by Raindance film course students.

We offer out-of town discounts to anyone wanting to take advantage of our weekend or evening training courses. (We define out-or-town as anyone travelling from outside the M25 circular highway on the outskirts of London.)


21 Step Film School

Would you like to get a quick idea of how we teach?

How we think films should be made?

And once made, how we think they should get out there?

here and enjoy.


How Our Courses Work

Our courses repeat every four months, except for special events with major guest directors, producers and screenwriters - which happen once a year.

You can book an individual course or a series of courses to make up a Raindance Diploma in your area of interest: Writing, Directing, Producing, or Filmmaking.

If you are unsure of which course to take, call me up, Will Pearce, on 0207 287 3833 and ask as many questions as you like. As Course Director at Raindance, my job is to make sure you pick the right course for your skill level and your interest, and your budget.

Whatever course or courses you choose, I can promise you that our courses deliver the most amount of information in the least amount of time at the best possible price.

Look around our


Our Diplomas

We have bundled our courses together by topic, and offer them to you at a discount.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When do your Diplomas start?
Diploma courses start on September 6, 2007

2. How do I know which Diploma is best for me?
Our website has details on each course. If you need more information or advice, or if you are still unsure which diploma is best for you, give us a call on 0207 287 3833

3. How long does each Diploma take?
Most diplomas run over a four month period.

4. Is there a payment plan?
There are payment plans available, for details please call 0207 287 3833

5. What happens if I can't make a date for a course?
Rescheduling is usually not a problem, however we require a minimum of five days notice before the class start date.

6. Are Raindance diplomas officially recognized?
While Raindance courses are not officially recognized by government bodies, they are widely recognized within the film industry. Our record speaks for itself.

7. What if I am still unsure? You must be really busy preparing for the 15th
Raindance Film Festival and the 10th British Independent Film Awards, and you won't want to be disturbed with amateur questions?
Don't be silly. If it wasn't for you, we wouldn't exist. Our telephone number is 0207 287 3833, and if I am bus
y, ask for Joe or Elliot.

Useful Funding Information

Raindance Festivals Limited is a DFeS (Department For Education and Skills) approved provider of courses eligible for Career Development Loans.

Students who are over 18, live in the UK and who want to take our courses are eligible to apply for a minimum of £300 up to a maximum of £8,000 to cover tuition and/or living expenses. The loans offer favorable terms such as interest rate payment deferral.

Students can learn more by clicking
here. The Raindance provider code is 6835.

PLUS: For more details on funding schemes Arista Development have a very useful
training bursary guide for 2006. Note: you will need Acrobat Reader software to view this PDF document:

Special Deals
David Freeman's BEYOND STRUCTURE Sat/Sun 22/23 September - special 20% Discount until August 7th

RRP = £250 + VAT = £293.75
Special Offer: Just £200 + VAT = £235.00

Call Raindance 0207287 3833 to register
Or Book Online Here
Offer Expires: August 7th, 2007

Raindance Logo

Tuesday 4 September 6:30 - 9pm

If you are still undecided about which programme suits you, why not come to the Raindance Open Evening and talk to some of our tutors, ask as many questions as you want, watch some short films and do some serious networking. (sponsored by Cobra)

Admission is totally free, but you need to get onto our Guest List by sending an email to:
party@raindance.co.uk with the words OPEN EVENING in the subject line. We will send you back an email with the venue (near Oxford Circus).

So You Want To Direct?

For our FREE article THE NINE ROUTES TO BREAKING IN AS A DIRECTOR, send an email here and we will whiz one straight back to you.


Director's Diploma

£1,786.00 inc. VAT
with 15% discount £1292.44 + VAT = £1518.62
Raindance members £1216.42 + VAT = £1429.29

Everybody wants to direct. Learning the skills needed to break into the film industry as a director requires a lifetime of learning.

Here are the courses Raindance has developed since 1992 to assist and train directors with the skills needed to suceed:

You can take these courses individually as well (just follow the links).

Filmmakers Foundation Certificate
starts 11th September 6:30 - 9:30pm
Five Tuesday nights on the basics of filmmaking

Directors Foundation Certificate
Starts 13th September 6:30-9:30pm
Five consecutive Thursday nights introducing the basics of directing

Hands On Directing for Film & TV
Weekend of 3/4 November 9:30 - 6pm
The grammar of film directing explained

Advanced Hands On Directing
NEEDS TO BE CHECKED 9:30 - 6:30pm
One-on-one instruction in a small group with Patrick Tucker.

Camera Skills Part 1 and Part 2
Saturday 17th November and Saturday 18 November 10 - 6:30pm
How the camera and grip equipment works on a HDV shoot

The Power of Lighting
Tuesday 27th November 6:30 - 9:30pm
How to light effectively

Weekend of 24/25 November 10 - 6:30pm
Professional actors, a test script: You perform each of the roles over the weekend.

Directing Performance
Weekend of 1/2 December 9:30 - 6pm
How to get great screen performances from your actors.

Why 3 Act Will Kill Your Writing

It has been estimated that at least 50,000 scripts are written every year. Yet only a few hundred are bought and made. Why do so many writers fail?

Clearly, there is a limit to how many scripts the business can support. But in the vast majority of cases, scripts do not sell because the writer has not written a good script.

Read On...


Writer's Diploma

£905.37 inc. VAT
with 15% discount
£654.94 + VAT = 769.56
Raindance members £616.43 + VAT = £724.30

Raindance has a diverse range of writing courses, aimed at writers at all levels.

Our basic writing diploma includes:

Filmmakers Foundation Certificate
five consecutive Tuesday nights starting September 11th Because we think a good writer needs to know the basics of filmmaking.

Write and Sell The HOT Script
Weekend of 10/11 November 9:30 - 6pm
Learn the basics of writing, and Day 2: How to sell your script.

Writers Lab
Seven consecutive Wednesday nights from 14 November 6:30 - 9:30pm
A dynamic interactive workshop

Pitching Skills Workshop
Wednesday 12 December 6:30 - 9pm
Learn how to pitch - successfully

And then one of the following masterclasses

The Writers Journey
with Christopher Vogler
TBA June 2008

Script Secrets
with William C Martell
TBA July 2008

Beyond Structure
with David Freeman
Weekend of 22/23 September 9:30 - 7:45pm

22 Step Story Structure
with John Truby
TBA March 2008

Please don't hestitate to give me, Will Pea
rce, a call on 0207 287 3833 with any question, large or small.

The Raindance version will be sent when you click above


Producer's Diploma

£591.25 inc. VAT
with 15% discount £427.71 + VAT = £502.27
Raindance members £402.55 + VAT = £473.00

A good producer manages the business and creative side of a film project. Here are the courses Raindance has developed to give you the skills in order to become a great producer:

99 Minute Film School
Thursday 6 September 6:30 - 9pm
Learning filmmaking in 99 minutes is impossible - or is it?

Filmmakers Foundation Certificate
Tuesday 11 September 6:30 - 9:30pm
The basics in 5 evenings. One of our most popular courses

Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking
Weekend of 27/28 Oct. 9:30 - 6:00pm
Two action packed days that will launch your career.

Movie Money
Tuesday 30 Oct. 6:30 - 9:30pm
Where the money is and how to find it.

Creating a Business Plan
Tuesday 6 November 6:30 - 9: 30pm
Learn how to present to industry and private investors.

Budgeting and Scheduling
Tuesday 13 November 6:30 - 9: 30pm
The boring but essential guts of filmmaking.

Basic Legal Contracts
Tuesday 20 November 6:30 - 9:30 pm
Discover the essential legal elements and how to use them.

Pitching Skills Workshop
Wednesday 12th December 6:30 - 9pm
The essential skill for writers, directors and producers.

In addition, we recommend that you familiarise yourself with the basics of writing and directing.

Join Raindance

Get 15% off individual courses (20% from Diplomas), free script registration, our annual DVD of the best shorts from the Raindance Film Festival and much more.

Find out more here....

Film Crew

Filmmakers Diploma
£1,443.14 incl. VAT
with 15% discount £1043.97 + VAT = £1226.66
Raindance members £982.56 + VAT = £1154.50

Here is a blend of our most popular writing, directing and producing courses.

99 Minute Film School
Thursday 6 September 6:30 - 9: 30pm
They say it can't be done in 99 minutes!

Filmmakers Foundation Certificate
Tuesday 11 September 6:30 - 9:30pm
Five information packed nights.

Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking
Weekend of 27/28 Oct. 9:30 - 6:00pm
The course taken by Guy Ritchie and Christopher Nolan.

Movie Money
Tuesday 30 Oct. 6:30 - 9:30pm
Where the money is and how to get it.

Hands On Directing for Film & TV
Weekend 3/4 November 9:30 - 6:30pm
The grammar of film directing explained by Patrick Tucker.

Creating a Business Plan
Tuesday 6 November 6:30 - 9: 30pm
Learn how to present to industry and private investors.

Write and Sell The HOT Script
Weekend of 10/11 November 9:30 - 6pm
Discover the tricks to getting the movie in your head onto paper.

Budgeting and Scheduling
Tuesday 13 November 6:30 - 9: 30pm
Tedious. Boring. Essential for success.

Basic Legal Contracts
Tuesday 20 November 6:30 - 9:30 pm
A top lawyer explains the fine print.

Weekend of 24/25 November 10 - 6:30pm

Professional actors, HDV camera, and a test script - from start to finish.

Pitching Skills Workshop
Wednesday 12 December 6:30 - 9pm
Learn how to pitch - successfully

The essential tool for raising money and talent explained.

The A-Z of Independent Filmmaking

For a FREE article explaining the key phrases and catch words for independent filmmaking and filmmkers, send a blank email with the word A-Z in the subject line to info@raindance.co.uk and one of the interns will whiz one back to you.

Light Equip

Custom Diploma

The ideal option for filmmaers seeking a blend of training over different areas.

Three weekend courses of your choice, save 15% (20% if you are a
Raindance member) we will throw in the One Night course of your choice, absolutely free.




FREE One Night course:
99 Minute Film School, Creating A Business Plan, Pitching Skills Workshop

Raindance Gift Certificates

Why not make the filmmaker in your life happy with a Raindance Gift Certificate? Call me, Will Pearce, on 0207 287 3833, and I will talk you through it.


We all love to procrastinate - especially when it comes to following your dreams.

In the film industry, procrastinators are never tolerated, although they are humoured. If you are serious about filmmaking - either as a filmmaker, a cinema fan or a newcomer wondering about filmmaking as a career - there is a course for you at Raindance.

If you have any doubts, please call me on 0207 287 3833. If I can't answer your questions, I probably know someone who can.

I hope to see you soon.

Happy filmmaking,

Will Pearce
Raindance Festivals Limited

This is the fine print text where you might tell your customers how the item will be shipped and, for example, if they are overseas that there will be additional shipping charges and must contact you.

- Ask about our special repeater fee (-50%) if you have taken this course before and would like a refresher
- Ask about our Group Booking discount for 3+ students
- Members of Raindance get a 15% discount on all single courses AND an additional 5% off Diploma courses.
- Students, OAP's and UB40's get a 10% discount

Discounts cannot be combined.

The Raindance Guarantee

If you decide to attend and find that any Raindance course is overhyped, unsuitable or simply does not meet or exceed your expectations, let a member of Raindance know by noon on the first day for an instant, no-questions-asked refund.

If you find a course is not for you, let Raindance staff know by lunch-time on the first day (weekend course) of at the first break on an evening course for a full no-questions-asked refund.

Individual Courses?

Of course you can book an individual course.

If you are uncertain which course to take - call Raindance on 0207 287 3833. we will listen to you and your career aspirations and recommend the right course for you.

Raindance members save 15% on single courses, 20% on Diplomas

Live!Ammunition!, FREE Script registration, support and foster independent fimmaking, and much more.
All for £50 per annum. It's so easy to join. Details here.

How do you go from a struggling screenwriter to a full fledged filmmaker in under two years with no connections, no family in the business, and no real experience?

According to Mark Mahon, you take Raindance courses.

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