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"Go f**king Swivel" - Lewis Hamilton (to Ron Dennis)
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* Charlie's Angel gets a little tied-up
* Champagne facts: all you need to know
* Charts: Robyn is the new number one

>> Party tunes <
Iraqi party spolied by DJ

Dubai ruler Sheik al-Maktoum threw a celebration
for the Iraqi soccer team after its recent
Asian Cup win. However, for poor Iraqis,
nothing ever goes quite to plan. They
were welcomed with Iraq's Saddam Hussein-era
national anthem, Ardulfurataini Watan, rather
than current one, prompting many of the players
to walk out.

FYI: After Saddam's overthrow, Iraqi authorities
selected "Mawtini," a popular Arab folk tune, to
replace the old anthem which glorified the Baath party.'.htm

FYI 2: Sheik al-Maktoum gave the team $5.45m.
The team has been given $10,000 each in Iraq.

Donny Osmond's lucky number is seven. He only likes
staying in hotel rooms with a seven in the room number.

>> Big Questions <<
What people want to know this week

One half of Britain's most cherished
comedy writing double act found himself
in LA working on an Amerian sitcom back
in the day. At a Hollywood party, he met
one of the original Charlie's Angels. They
hit it off, went back to her apartment
where "it quickly transpired she was into
bondage". She asked him to go get some
pills from her bag in her car, down in
the basement garage. And locked himself out.
A neighbor called the police, he didn't want
to drop her in it so spent the night in
the cells on him.

Next day the boss of the film studio
employing him arrived to bail him out with
the classic chastisement, "I can't believe
you left a fucking Charlie's Angel tied to
a bed!".

TH writes: "Recently in Soho I spotted Teddy
Sheringham with new brunette. She looked as clever
as my flip flop in the rain. Good rack though."

>> The beautiful game <<
Footballers continue to make friends

As we start another football season, let's
look back to the final day of last season.
West Ham beat Manchester United to stay in the
Premiership. Captain Nigel Reo-Coker marked
this occasion by going to a London nightclub,
buying two bottles of Cristal, then standing
and emptying both bottles on the floor,
Jay-Z style. The West Ham fans in the club
that night were most impressed.

How many "fucks" were there in The Departed? 237.

>> The Price of fame <<
Celebrity baby hair colour questions

Prof Mendel writes:
"Am interested in Jordan and Peter Andre's
ginger child. "As I understand it, the ginger
gene is recessive (occurring on chromosome 16)
meaning that for two non gingers to give birth
to a ginger child BOTH parents MUST have the
specific gene (excluding spontaneous mutation).
Peter Andre is of Greek Cypriot descent and
thus it is very surprising if he had the
requisite gene.

"Has anybody seen their what their
gardener looks like?" Fnar.

Hotel check-in names: Jay, from 5ive, liked to
check in as Mr Pete O'File. (Paed-o-phile.. geddit?)

>> Big bubbles, no troubles <<
Impress your friends with champagne facts

We've been banging on all summer about stars who
insist on Moet as part of their rider so here's
a pile of things about champagne to know

1. There are seven million bubbles in a bottle
of champagne. (Thanks to a $500k research project
in California last year.)
2. The pressure inside a bottle is 50 bar - the
same as at 40 metres under the sea, or like
the cylinder in a London bus.
3. Cheap champagne can taste acidic because it's
been rushed on to the shelves without aging
properly. Good houses always wait three years
to sell their non-vintages.
4. You pronounce Moet with the "t". Most pop
stars get it wrong.
5. The most perfect size of bottle to mature
and serve champagne is a magnum.
7. The best vintages are reputed to be 1999,
1996 and 1990.
8. Celebrities particularly like cocaine with
their champagne, so you should always use the term
"fizzy pop and chop" when serving this.
9. A Brit invented the champagne making process
but it was French monk Dom Perignon who
popularised it.
10. The cleverest way to open a bottle is with a
sabre, known as Sabrage. Don't try when hammered.
11. Drinking champagne helps the brain to cope
with stroke, Parkinson's and Alzheimer's.

Special thanks to the nice people at Deutz
who gave us lots of champagnes to try. Their
blanc de blanc rules.

During railway expansion in Egypt in the 19th century,
construction companies unearthed so many mummies that
they used them as fuel for locomotives.

>> The Pitts <<
Cameron follows in fine tradition

Tory supporters are getting obsessed with how
David Cameron is leading the Conservatives by
PR spin. It's not like things used to be different.

When William Pitt the Younger died in 1806 it
was announced to the country that the Tory PM's
last words were, "Oh my country! How I love
my country!"

What Pitt did say was:
"I think I could eat one of Bellamy's veal pies."

John Fashanu is now presenting the Nigerian version of
Deal Or No Deal.

>> Jamie Blandford's fan <<
Controversial posho gets character witness

undiscovered bum writes:
I see the Marquess of Blandford is up on road
rage charges this week. Too bad I'm not available
to be a character witness for hi. Some years ago
I lived in Earl's Court. One night there was a ring
on my doorbell and some posh bloke said through
the intercom that he'd found a friend of mine
in Chelsea, who'd had a row with her boyfriend
and had needed bringing home? And then he
walked her all the way up the stairs to the
top of my building, with his bike in his
hand, to personally deliver her to my front
door. I recognized him immediately but was so
taken aback that I quite forgot my manners
and failed to invite him in to join us for
chabs and booze. Which I suppose was
probably for the best, since no doubt he'd
have caned it all and left none for us.)"

There are two types of dogs specially bred for
herding fish - The Portuguese Water Dog and the
Fuegian Dog from Chile (now extinct).

>> Gak attack <<
All your dope are belong to us

missus writes:
The worst gak I ever shared was from Dave from
Blur and Liam Gallagher. Remember when Liam got
let off that possession charge? There was so
little coke in his coke. Liam wrote his dealer
a thank-you letter. Haha. Bless."

Fergie's band has impressed in New Zealand. Having
got the hotel bell-hop to score weed for them, they
invited him to join an all day smoking session.

>> Confessions of 80s pop life <<
Younger Popbitch readers prefer Shaky

JF writes:
"In 1987 I used to babysit for Simon Le Bon's
cousin's children. The opportunity came for my
12 year-old sister 14years old me to go with
Simon's family to the Liverpool Empire to
watch Duran Duran and meet them back stage.
It was the best thing that ever happened to me
but my sister was a Shakin' Stevens fan. My mum
made her. She turned up in a Shaky t-shirt, cap
and badges. Backstage, when John Taylor and
Simon asked us if we'd had a nice time my sister
said it was OK but she'd much have preferred to
have met Shakin' Stevens.

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>> Things that make you go hmmm <<
Malibu, bunny peace-keepers and Eurovision

Guests on a stag weekend in Scotland with
Liam before he went into Big Brother tell us
among his escapades he did a strip, climbed
up a 100ft pine tree so he could pee on
his mates and simulated having sex with
a corpse. How lovely.

Watch the latest BB shows on your PC for free
with 4 on Demand:

A different kind of flood this week:

Missing The O.C? Catch the kids of Malibu instead:

Bunnies, the new peacekeeping force? You decide:

Neil Hannon wrote this for Eurovision:

Popbitch's favourite named generator company:

SingStar Extravaganza - at Cafe de Paris on
23rd August. Inspired by 80s New York vogueing,
created by Sony PlayStation in aid of Body & Soul
supporting families in the UK affected by HIV.
Tickets are a tenner:

Adrienne Curry, America's Next Top Model winner,
married one of the Brady Bunch. Caridee's
boyfriend is apparently "fatter than you'd
think". BNTM favourite Abby Clancy dates Peter
Crouch. Still, none of this has put off
this year's contestants:
Britain's Next Top Model, LIVING, 9pm, Mondays:

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