Wednesday, June 13, 2007

William C Martell

Raindance presents:
William C. Martell's
Script Secrets: The Big Idea

Saturday/Sunday 7/8 July


Most screenwriting seminars are by non-writers... outsiders looking in. They may not know HOW to write an action sequence, but they know that action sequences are important.

Bill Martell has sold 24 scripts.

He knows HOW to write an action sequence because he does it for a living... so he can SHOW you how to write a reversal, or explain the 'minor mischief trick', or show you how to write a plot twist, or explain how suspense works - and SELLS.

Martell About William C. Martell

William C Martell had his first film made when he was 21 years old. It took him ten years to get his second made, but he didn't waste that time. Holding down a full-time job in a warehouse, he continued to write an average of three scripts a year. By the time he sold his second screenplay he had thirty scripts written. Of those thirty scripts he has, so far, sold 24.

Of all the scriptwriting gurus Raindance brings over from the States, Bill is the most successful at getting his scripts produced; he is the one making a living from writing. He is the one who can afford to turn down the job of adapting Dan Brown's ANGELS & DEMONS.

Bill is in London on Saturday/Sunday 7/8 July with his acclaimed Masterclass, SCRIPT SECRETS: THE BIG IDEA.

Typewriter Day 1: What You Will Learn
Discover techniques that sell

A well-written script with a boring idea will get you nowhere. Bill will take you through the genesis and development of ideas and how to make the most of them. Find out how your idea creates the story, characters, subplots, theme, scenes and everything else!

Day 1 will concentrate on story, character and theme: why theme is the most important element in a screenplay; growing story from character - character from story; traditional 3-acts to structural freaks - 7 alternate structures for your screenplay; creating and bringing your protagonist to life; how to involve the audience by using reversals, suspense, and plot twists.

Deal Day 2: Advanced Techniques
Learn from a successful working writer

Now that you have your story, characters, and theme. Day 2 will help you to put them to work. Proven techniques used by professional writers to make their scripts great. You'll learn how to heighten drama by using contrast. How to use slang, jargon, subtext, banter and non-verbal dialog. Demonstration, symbolism, leitmotifs, and other ways to tell stories with pictures. How to sell your script - the difference between agents and managers. Finding the right producer for your screenplay.

What: Script Secrets: The Big Idea
Saturday/Sunday 7/8 July 9:30 - 6pm
Where: Diorma, Nr Warren Street tube, London W1
How Much: £250 + VAT
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Of all the scriptwriters we bring over from LA, William Martell is the most successful at getting his scripts made.

Raindance tutors John Truby has taught the most students and Christopher Vogler has had the most influence, but Martell is the guy who earns his living by writing and selling scripts that get made.

He has written nineteen produced films, and though you might struggle to recall some of his films unless you're a cable addict (Steel Sharks, Droid Gunner, Black Thunder, and Crash Dive! among many others), the fact is that he's out there doing what lots of us wish we were doing - earning his living as a professional scriptwriter. He's also the West Coast Editor of Script Magazine, the largest circulation scriptwriting magazine in the world.

Martell is here on the weekend of 7/8 July.

Information on the course can be found on our website.

If you're interested but need more info, give me or Will a bell on 020 7287 3833 or drop us a line at or

Joe Pearshouse
Raindance Festivals Limited
tel: 0207 287 3833
fax: 0207 439 2243
What They Say
"I recommend William C. Martell's "tennis plotting" approach to screenplay" plotting Scr(i)pt Magazine, Vol 11, No. 5.

"the best class on the practical nuts-and-bolts mechanics of writing a screenplay I've ever attended".

I got more from your class than any other.
R. Sharp

Very practical information presented in an easygoing, approachable manner. With his no-nonsense presentation and nuts-and-bolts approach, Bill Martell demystifies the often obfuscated process of screenwriting. Using concrete examples from classic movies and recent blockbusters, Bill takes the "woo-woo" out of the art of writing for film and replaces it with solid craft.
K. Sandler

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