Saturday, May 12, 2007

Popbitch pieces

>> Finger pointing <<
Celebrities get nailed

A manicurist to the stars tells us about the
hands and feet of celebrities:

* Most disgusting pig-like star? Sienna Miller.
- fingernails "like a tramp", and athlete's foot.

* Most surprising defects? Liz Hurley
"appalling cracked heels".

* Most perfectly manicured? Nancy dell'Ollio
"Hands and feet so good she could do my nails".

>> Popbits <<
Football house-buying merry-go-round

* Alan Hanson lives in a white 12-bedroom mansion
by Royal Birkdale golf course. Mark Lawrenson
lives directly opposite.

* Louis Saha bought Ruud van Nistelrooy's old
house. He sold his old house to Kerry Katona.

* Oxford manager Jim Smith has a house next door
to Wrexham manager Dennis Smith. They are
not related.

>> Beds of the rich and famous <<
Only fools and horses like car-beds

Nicholas Lyndhurst has a bed shaped like
a racing car. A carpenter in Surrey last
year won the brief to design a Red Ferrari
bed fashioned in Mahogany.

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