Thursday, April 26, 2007

OTT Films Email

LUCKY PANTS (Dir. David Wallington) - Extras needed urgently

As David mentioned at the meeting, he is going to need to create as big a n to
or you wish o check that your shoot (o social event) is not going to clash with
an existing one...PLESE check the calendar. Go to the main site and look under

CLOSED CIRCUIT LOVE (Dir. Carlos Ferrao) - Locations Required

There are a couple of locations which Carlos hasn't managed to source for CC
Love. Can any of you help?

Car park: car park made of concrete with large concrete pillars that are
distanced equally and stretching back apparently deserted. Large ceiling mounted
bar lights would be ideal as would a flash of line colour going across the
pillars and wall. This could be a public car park, or one in a residential

Abandoned flat: bare with only a small sign of habitation. This could be for
rent or waiting for renovation.

This is an expenses project so he would only be able to pay a small amount of
money for the locations, if at all. Would anyone be able to help? Go to the CC
Love thread (in the Green-Lit folder), if you can help.


Directors who have been asked (already) to provide the required details for the
filmography pages please do so immediately. Let's not allow this to drag out in
the way last years pages did. We shouldn't have to continuously ask you so do


Directors who have had their films made through the group have agreed to play a
role (cast or crew) in various other OTTfilms productions. THIS IS A REQUIREMENT
(and is not negotiable). Those who have missed shoots or dodged shoots (that you
agreed to work on) need to correct that mistake and get your arses in to gear.
It has not been overlooked and you WILL be kicked out of the group if you do not
follow through on that commitment.


Anyone who is part of this group or wishes to (seriously) be involved in the
production of comics, please contact John or log in and post your desire to be a
part of the COMIC PRODUCTION MEETING, which will soon take place.


CobraVision have recently signed up to sponsor the group and as such they will
supply FREE BEER for our screening events. Thank You CobraVision.

OTTfilms Shorts to be screened at Sci-Fi-London Film Festival

6th May at the Apollo West End,
[url=][b]19 Regent
Street, SW1Y 4LR.[/b][/url]....

.. so who wants to come?! :D

There's apparently Cobra beer and if you fancy staying 28 weeks later is showing
afterwards! (- ticket booking at ) Tickets are £9.50.
Come and support the films that you helped make, guys.


If you want to be involved in a film this week, this month, this year then there
is no excuse not to be, There are nearly 200 projects waiting to be Green-Lit
(in the Scripts and Ideas folder) and a dozen or so Green-Lit films that require
YOUR HELP. Log on to the forum ( ) and post your interest,,,

...If you don't tell us you want to be involved, you won't be.

It's your film group, so get involved, guys.

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