Wednesday, March 28, 2007

QOOB Video Thing - some help

Here is the main blurb from an email I received straight from QOOB.
Hope it helps - English version of will be available soon, but until that
follow these instructions.

To enter the contest you have to upload a compressed version of your
video in AVI, MOV or WMV (less than 50mb, we suggest to compress in MOV
H264 format and maybe lower the framerate to contain the filesize) on
the website.

When you have registered on (you can do it here: )

you have to login and go to this url: it is the video upload page.

The 1st field is the title of the video. In this case it must be like
"CSS + your project name"

The 2nd field is the video category.

Third field is needed to enter the contest, select "CSS Video Contest"

The 4th field is a short description of the video (max 1500 characters)

Then, in the 5th field you have to select the file you want to upload.

Just below the 5th field you can select a preview photo for this video,
if you have any problem with that simply select "FOTO DI DEFAULT" and
send to us via email a preview (120x90pixels)

Then the 1st checkbox is necessary to give us the rights to publish
online your video.

The fields below are for the keywords (to make easier to search)

And the last checkbox is optional, it give us the rights to
download the original video file.

Only in case of victory a hi-quality version will be requested!

There you go. I love broken English.

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