Thursday, August 31, 2006

All Star Cup

Oh yeah, I almost forgot ...
I was at The All Star Cup on Monday at the lush Celtic Manor, South Wales (thanks Bethan for sorting me out).

Beth and Rhombus were looking lovely drinking Pimms with MASSIVE chunks of cucumber floating on top which i don't understand. I had a taste of Rhombus' foaming cup ... It tasted awful.

In case you're a twat The All Star Cup was a celebrity Ryder Cup thing for charity. All the big names were there. Brucie, Jodie Kidd (fit), Bradley "Bradders" Walsh, Dr. Quinn - Medicine Woman and Arsenal legend Ian Wright. He's the black guy in the cap in this photo.

Ian Wright Wright Wright spanked one into us lot in the crowd. It landed pretty close to us. I took a photo. Do you see the ball ?

Two more photos of the girls. Bethan, Rhombus ? Email me some more photos.





Do u no those two umpa loompas? Are they not celebs? Ive seen the curly haired female in the film "the wizard of Oz" she played the role of the Lion. The dark haired Lady is currently starring in the BBC's Little Britain as the internet bride whose name i cant remember. Honest - look at the fake celeb earrings!!!

sledge said...

Ha ha !
Yeah, I think you maybe right.
I have seen Rhombus in a DVD recently too.
"Anal Destruction 2" I think it was called.
Who are the chickens in Ireland ?

sledge said...

nyc taxi shots,your comment is crap in all honesty but I love love photos !!!

Anonymous said...

NYC, Who are you? Why the need for the nasty commments?

Anonymous said...

Sorry don't think the comment was NYC, was it Irish Chicken? isthat u lindz?